Amish Country and a Couple Black Cats

 We traveled to Amish country yesterday and I snagged some big pumpkins!

 And I found this cute, heavy black cat sprinkler at a thrift shop.

 Don't eat my flowers black cat doorstop!

 We bought a bunch of Amish donuts for The Blog Tech.  Happy Blog Tech.

 I went to a little farm which had it's own little farm stand.  There wasn't much there except for candy onions and garlic.  Candy onions are one of my new favorite things.  I asked the farmer if he had anything else for sale.  He asked what I wanted and I said chickens. 

 Bingo, he had just butchered some on Thursday.  Tasty chicken dishes will be made this week.

 He had just picked some new potatoes too.

 And where there are chickens, there are eggs. I don't know if there is anything I love more than fresh eggs.

Scored pie pumpkins too!


Suzie said…
Now THOSE are formidable kitties for Teddy to play with! The pumpkins are lovely! I keep expecting to see some at stands around here, but so far, I'm still waiting, impatiently.

We used to go down into Indiana, a little over an hour's drive, into Amish country, and buy eggs, baked goods, and produce, but haven't gotten to do so for the past couple of years. I miss our Fall day trips. So thanks for sharing yours!!
Robin Larkspur said…
Love those black cats you found. You scored some nice fresh farm goods, lucky you.
The Tablescaper said…
What a perfect day! You should link to Seasonal Sundays.

- The Tablescaper
Janet said…
What a haul! Sounds like a great day. :-) Too earl for pie pumpkins up here in Manitoba but I hope you will post on how you work with them - from pumpkin to product. LoL I would love to see you you break them down.

Love the door stops. You really did good at the markets. I hate to see everything almost gone. However, I'm a little tired of canning.
Wow, you hit the Amish jackpot!
Barbara F. said…
Looking forward to your dishes with those beauties the chickens and eggs. Of course, the pie pumpkins too. What a beautiful day. Love days like this. What life is all about. xo
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pumpkins! and those cats are just great!

Very few around here have chickens so fresh eggs are hard to get I'm afraid. But I never miss a chance to get some when I find any :-)

I've never even heard of candy onions before.

Have a great day!
LOVE the kitties you found. Have to say in all my years I have NEVER had a FRESH from the chicken's rear-end, egg.
Guillaume said…
I LOVE the black cats and the pumpkins. The cats look alive. I didn't know Amish made donuts, that is another nice autumnal dessert.
Patty Woodland said…
Sound like here except for the pumpkins
Margaret said…
I was so excited to see those big pumpkins and black cats! and what a lucky Blog Tech! Nothing is better than getting stuff in AMish COuntry--food and crafts! I love it all. Can't wait to see your chicken dish recipes this week. Your blog just makes my DAY! A new thing to love about Fall--October Farm! Oh and btw, I would like that potting table and everything on it please. Maggie
So envious of your trip, it looks like you had a great time! Love the cats, they are just adorable! Looks like you had good shopping at the market too! Have a great week!
Anonymous said…
wow, those are great finds, there is nothing to compare with fresh poultry, I always made myself scarce on butchering day, thats one job I dislike, I never knew there would be a difference in poultry until I bought a chicken to prepare for the people I cooked for my first year at work on lake.I have never eaten or prepared store bought chicken, now how sad is that.I lead a sheltered uninformed life, lol, but I do understand the thrill fresh eggs and poultry now,
those are lovely pumpkins, and a great door stop!Looks right at home with you,
Michelle said…
You scored big time!
Judy Bigg said…
Love the pumpkins and sweet cats.
Barb said…
The Amish country is so pretty!! Love those cats!
Britt-Arnhild said…
Your warm and cosy photos makes me welcome autumn with open arms :-)
Those pumpkins are TREMENDOUS! Gorgeous. :-) And the black kitties are soooo cute. Love that doorstop, with the tail up. ,-)

I'm not even going to *think* about the Amish donuts. -grin- "Get theeee behind me satan." -chuckle-

How about my idea of rubbing a bit of hot sauce on pumpkins, to keep 'critters' from eating them? Or would the sauce, mess with the pumpkin looks? Or make 'em get soft?

Suzanne said…
Amish Stories said…
Some very nice images and I dont blame you for bring home some food from your trip. Happy Labor Day to you and your readers! Richard
luckybunny said…
I don't know which I love more... the pumpkins or the donuts!