Hello, everyone!  This is the Blog Tech again with another post from Key West.  Today I'm going to show some more pictures from the nightly Sunset Festival; most of these feature a man who did some spectacular tricks involving the juggling of flaming objects while on top of a very high unicycle.  In addition, you will also be able to see lovely pictures of the sunset.
 This is a shot of the boardwalk where the Sunset Festival takes place.
 Here is the Fire Guy, preparing for his show.  Note: I don't know his name, so I'm just going to go with Fire Guy.
 To his right is his assistant.

 The water on the ground was used to indicate where the audience should gather (and what was considered to be too close!)
 For the first part of his trick, he ascended this ladder.  He asked a little girl from the crowd to throw him the juggling implements; you can see her in the foreground.

 Here she is throwing him one of the implements.
 What are these things actually called?  Juggle-things?
 I can't do this standing on the ground, let alone on a ladder.

 Here he is tossing the Juggle-things back to her.
 The sunset was setting quickly at this point.,
 In order to ascend the unicycle, he had four members of the audience come and hold it steady for him.

 Here he is, doing something that I will absolutely never even try.

 Lighting the implements on fire.

 And juggling!

 Look at that sunset.  And the flaming Juggle-things.

 For his last trick, he caught his hat with his shoe.

 And then kicked his hat up in the air....
 Where it landed on his head!
 This sure was something, and the sunset was absolutely gorgeous.
Tomorrow, I will be writing The Food Post.  Thanks for reading!

-The Blog Tech


Patty Woodland said…
That was a show!

Did you see the green flash? I saw it once in Hawaii
Well we all have our different talents and I can honestly say I have none of those :-) :-) :-)

I have no idea what those juggle things might be called, not even in swedish :-)

Have a great continuing of Your trip!
Guillaume said…
That's how the Cirque du Soleil started...
Robin Larkspur said…
Beautiful sunset, crazy Fire Guy!
laurie said…
great photos Blog tech! What a great act, did his helper keep a bucket of water handy?I hope he as well paid this fellow,
BT you are doing a beautiful job while your mom is busy cooking for the "event. The sunset is even amazing when it's cloudy.
Kelly said…
Mallory Square has change so much over the years. Several years ago there was a lady that sold pot brownies from her cart. Those homes over on the barrier islands weren't there. We would take the boat out in the afternoon, especially after a storm and search the islands for washed up sea urchins. They were dead of course. We would take them home, soak in bleach. All of the bristles would come off and leave very beautiful shells. Way to upscale now days. Thanks for the pics.
Birgit said…
Great sunset photos! :)
Amish Stories said…
Love those sunset Images! Richard
This was so fun. I loved the juggler! Key West has a magic all its own.

Thank you for sharing.