Fall Flowering Clematis

Well, the Fall Flowering Clematis is blooming so I guess the seasons are changing.  I wish someone would tell the weather that it is time to cool off.

I have these all over my gardens and they really put on quite a display.

This one small plant has slowly crept over the pergola and has spread to the side of the garage.  Click to enlarge any photos.

The pool was closed yesterday.  At least my husband went in to clean it a bit so one person used it once the whole season.

The clematis is actually attaching itself to the climbing hydrangea to get to the garage.

These morning glories will be coming down soon.  I did not plant them and though they are beautiful, they are taking over my gate.

This is the clematis growing on top of my gazebo.

I can't figure out what this bush is.  I don't think I planted it and this is the first year I noticed it but it is huge.  It flowered with white flowers and now has produced small white berries. Can anyone identify it?

And the beauty berries are, well, beautiful!

They are such a vibrant color.

And they sure do spread.  I have them popping up everywhere.

The lily pads are dying back.

The hydrangeas that I cut back recently have tripled in size.

And finally I am getting a few okra.  Bev told me to eat it with salt and pepper and it has become The Blog Techs and my new favorite snack.  It is soooo good.

It looks like I might still get a few more red tomatoes.


It is a sticky wicket today! My classroom is as hot as it gets! Your garden still looks stunning as we enter the Autumn season!

Have a wonderful day!
Heather said…
Oh wow! Your garden is simply stunning! So lush and green. We had such a hard year in Oklahoma, I could only just try to keep things alive. My clematis has never gotten that huge! Your garden is just epic!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful Clematis!! Is it a C. montana?
Your garden looks magnificent as always but I can't help You with that bush. There's something back in my head that tells me should be able too but nothing pops out :-)I'll do some research if no one else can help You.

Very much autumn here now but the evening is warm and the sun shines :-)

Have a great day!
Tammy said…
Your gardens are always gorgeous! Is your mystery bush some sort of privet? I believe there is a variety with white berries.
I'm agog at that clematis.
Is it fragrant? I've never seen them so lush. Do you think its the damp weather?
Robin Larkspur said…
Glorious, as always!

I planted that same clematis, Sweet Autumn, three years ago by my front porch. It is really going to town, but only one bloom, loads of buds.
Love that beauty berry, I definitely must try to find one to plant.
I think your ??? bush may be a Snowberry Bush. Here are some pictures.

Guillaume said…
There are clematites in my parents's garden, they cover the back wall completely. It is really gorgeous. Here where I live, the first pub you see after you leave the train station also has its walls covered by plants. The leafs turn red in autumn and it looks surreal. It was the first thing I saw when I first came here, for an interview (I got the job, then lost it). I read M.R. James in the pub, the atmosphere was amazing.
Anonymous said…
wow, your garden is amazing, just gorgeous, i can't help with the plant, sorry,
Anonymous said…
Everything is looking beautiful! I do like the beauty berries. Hope you do get some more tomatoes. I have some calling to me to be canned.
Barb said…
An absolutely beautiful garden!!!!
You know I always love a visit in your garden.

Thank you.

hello to Teddy.
Rue said…
The clematis is insane! Wow. Gorgeous though.

I have a friend that grows okra. It's never appealed to me, but perhaps I'll try to grow some next year if it's that good.

So...if it has been that hot all summer, why did no one use the pool?

I'm hoping for cooler days too - it's supposed to get very hot again this weekend - yuck!

wendywoo said…
The mystery shrub looks like some type of dogwood...? If you do figure out what it is, could you post it? I'm very curious....
Your gardens look amazing! You must live where it's warm if your still blooming like that!
Suzie said…
Is your mystery shrub a Gray Dogwood? Are the birds eating the berries? The leaves turn a beautiful dusty purple in the Fall.

My clematis that came up on its own, was doing great, until one day I looked and all of the stems were shriveling up. .looked down at the base, and all of the vines were whacked off! Dear hubby thought that he was doing me a favor! Aaarrrgghh!! I've explained that when one doesn't know a petunia from a rose, that person shouldn't go walking through the garden with any sharp implements of destruction.

So far, he hasn't touched my beauty berry! Whew!
That beautiful white clematis looks like snow!