Halushki and Thrifting

 This might be the first time these two words were paired together. 
 With cooler temps moving in and freshly harvested cabbage, it had to be halushki time.  This dish is made in many Eastern European homes but is rather hard to find for sale anywhere.  Plus, many people overcook the cabbage and noodles and then it is awful.  Good halushki is easy to make and so very, very tasty.

First, cook a large onion in a stick of butter.  It may sound like a lot of butter but this makes a lot of halushki so there is less than 1/2 tablespoon per serving.

 Add a large head of sliced cabbage.  Sprinkle with cracked black pepper and sea salt.

 Boil some noodles about 2 minutes less than the time called for. 

 Drain the noodles and add them to the cabbage.  Add some fresh parsley and toss to combine.

 The cabbage should still have a bit of a bite to it.  So good!!!

 See what I mean?  The Blog Tech gets his Polish on!

 I had a good day at the thrift shop the other day.  I found another one of these casseroles for 1.29.

 I love old bakeware and I scored these loaf pans for 59 cents each.

 Another nice piece.

 I was looking for some plain white bowls for my Fall party to serve my chicken chili in and I found 16 of these for 12.00.  Cheaper than disposable!

 And a Cutco slotted spoon for 29 cents.

 This huge casserole with lid was 2.99.

 And a vintage pilgrim with her turkey candle holders.

 But this was the find of the century!  A brand new All-Clad slow cooker for 19.99.  I love my thrift stores.


OK, as you know it's my lunch hour - so I'm starting with the last photo! OMG!!!! All-Clad & 19.99 don't even belong in the same sentence!!! Nice score Jaz!!!

Love all you other finds too! Such a great idea instead of disposable. I made a similar purchase with crystal luncheon plates!

Your recipe looks delicious and the blog-tech seems to like it to!

Mary & Dukeums!
Anonymous said…
I wish that thrift store was closer to here :-) I would never find a slow cooker in any of those few we have around here :-)

I've looked around for slow cookers here for a while now and we only have one brand so now I'll order one :-)

I do like cabbage and I do like any kind of pasta so I might do this Halushki if I can remember to buy some cabbage :-)

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
I'm jealous of the slow cooker. Mine died....

Halushki is one of my favorite comfort foods.
jody said…
your Halushki looks wonderful! nice looken blog tec too! and i love love thrift shops too! great buys! enjoy your day!
Robin Larkspur said…
You got to the thrift store at just the right time! That Pilgrim figure is in remarkable condition and beautifully made. Great finds!
Guillaume said…
I don't eat enough cabbage. I don't eat enough vegetables, period.
Barbara F. said…
Delicious soul nurturing dish. Now I have to make my mom's dish, rice and cabbage, if I can remember it. Fantastic buy on the All-Clad slow cooker. I come visit to get my fall on, and you don't disappoint! xo
Anonymous said…
I need to come down to your thrift stores!! I'm still looking for my pyrex bowl!! This cabbage and noodle dish was a Wednesday supper in our house, my fathers family always had it so we did too, you're right too, people over cook this and its gross, I have some bad batches of this but when cooked properly its such a comfort food! You did great at the thrift store, wow,
Chrissykat said…
Holy Smokes! Those are great deals. Our thrift store is anything but thrifty.
I could eat this dish twice a day for a week. Maybe I'll make it tomorrow. I can not get over that slow-cooker buy. You are a marvel!
Adam said…
It all looks very good
Barb said…
Great luck at the thrift stores! I'm taking the advice of the Blog Tech and making that recipe.
Ina in Alaska said…
Wow you scored with that All Clad crock pot!! Love it! Also those white bowls for the chili, super and great price! It is pretty hit and miss up here.

luckybunny said…
One of my favorite dishes! Looks super yummy :) Great finds too!
Margaret said…
That looks delcious! and so simple. What great finds at the thrift store. Our thrift stores are not so great--they are filled with ugly 80's style furniture and 80's knick knacks :( I have to keep hunting garage sales! Maggie
I told husband and showed him pics. OH WOW, would he ever LOVE this dish!!! ,-)

He'd give as much if not more, of a "thumbs-up" to eating it!


I didn't even know All clad made a slow cooker. I can just imagine all the wonderful smells that are going to come from that over the holidays.
SharleneT said…
If it's got cabbage, you have my attention and this is part of my dinner tonight. But, I will probably halve the recipe because it's just the two of us. And a big congratulations on your slow cooker find. Little by little, I'll be moving you out to your patio and solar cooking. Now to go slice my cabbage.