Hello again!  This is the Blog Tech, writing from Key West.  Today's entry will focus on something that could very well strike some of you as a bit odd: the drag show at 801 Bourbon Bar on Duval St.

Lara visited Key West several years ago and said that this was one of her favorite memories of the trip.  I am an open-minded guy, so I was looking forward to it as well.  It did not disappoint.  
 This is Kylie Jean Lucille (right) and Desiray (left) during the opening number.  A drag show basically consists of the performers lip synching to whatever song is playing while charismatically emoting.
 From the Left: Desiray, Gugi Gomez, Kylie Jean Lucille, and Deja.

 Some of these photos will be a bit riské.
 This is Deja, the host of the event as well as one of the performers.
 After the opening ensemble number, each performer did a solo number as well.

 Drag shows also incorporate elements of being at a strip club, like tipping the performers during their performance.  Here we see several audience members sticking dollar bills into various parts of Kylie Jean Lucille's outfit.

 Gugi Gomez's solo number.

 Deja's first solo number.  The song may have been Crazy In Love, by Beyonce, if memory serves.

 Desiray's first solo number.

 Kylie Jean Lucille performing Rock Star, by Pink.

 Remember what I said about riské!

 Deja performing Walking in Memphis by Mark Cohn, the closing number.
 I always liked this song, and it was a surprising and very good choice for a closer.

Lara and I really enjoyed ourselves.  In addition to the good performances, all of the ladies were very funny as well.  And no-I wasn't one of the people who went up to the stage and tipped them!
 I'd like to close this entry with several photos of an iguana we saw in the parking lot of the place we're staying.  I think they strike me as being kind of like lizard cats, in a way.


Patty Woodland said…
Key West is VERY entertaining
These guys are pretty good, but the real shows are still in New Orleans. Have you ad Key Lime Pie on a stick yet?
Robin Larkspur said…
Drag shows always remind me of the great movie, The Bird Cage!
Glad you had a fun time; you shoulda been daring and tipped one of the performers.
Anonymous said…
One of our most popular show groups is a Drag show group called After Dark. The leading man (Christer Lindarv)of that group has been voted Sweden's most beautiful woman at least two times :-)
But no tipping the artists over here though :-)

Have a great day!
Barbara F. said…
Looks like you and Lara are having a great time, lots to see and do. How are the margaritas? xo
Barb said…
Key West is quite the town. I was there about 20 years ago and it was funky even then! Very funny post!
This post doesn't strike me as odd at all! I love a good drag show. They do tend to go on and on and on, though. Every Queen wants the spotlight for as long as possible.


And that's probably as close as I'll ever got to a drag show.

But I'm sure you laughed yourselves silly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AutumnRose said…
Hey, that's what Key West is all about. Looks like a hoot!!
jody said…
wow! ill have to add this to my toodoo list. glad you enjoyed im sure i would of too.. interesting anyway! i always encourage my sons to be open minded and i do think they are.. its a great thing this day and age! enjoy your vacation!