More Witches

I tend to forget how many witches I actually have.

I keep a lot of them out all year.

Click for a better look.  This witch is flying through the air holding a Jack O Lantern.

These wrought iron boot scrapes are very rare. I have a bunch of them.

A window sitter witch.

This is a large copper witch weather vane that I bought in Salem last year.

Brass witch corkscrews.

Bronze witch bookends.  I have 3 pairs of these.

Old heavy witch trophies.

A scrimshaw witch puzzle box from Salem.

An antique witch candle snuffer.

And a pottery witch pie bird.

I am heading north tomorrow to hit some farm stands and smokehouses again.  The Blog Tech will be posting from the Florida Keys.


Patty Woodland said…
Have good trips, both of you
c. Joy said…
What a cute collection. I've never seen the witchy boot scrapes - something to look out for. Enjoy your travels.
Sandy Sandy said…
Oh, what a feast for the eyes! I have looked at both collection posts several times and notice something new each time. Your witches are inspiring! All your other stuff is amazing too . . . (witches broom, cast iron cats, and pumpkins of every description! ) Love your garage art too. I'd like to know the story behind that! Viewing your photos of your home is better than visiting a museum! Thanks for the great posts, Joyce!
I do like all Your witches! especially the copper weather vane!

Have a great trip!

Barbara F. said…
Safe travels, looking forward to upcoming posts. xo
Paulette said…
These witches are so cool! I had never heard of Witch Boot Scrapes. I've just begun my collecting of witches. You've given me some things to lookout for.
Hilary said…
What a lovely collection.
Amazing witches. I sure loved Salem, it did feel very haunted there. Wonder what the witch screws are for, hooks?
Robin Larkspur said…
Fantastic!!!!! I don't know which one I like the best, I do like them all of course. I have to say though that beautiful weather vane is awesomely gorgeous.
Have fun in the North!!!
So Hurricane BT is hitting the Keys!!
OMG, I have major "witch envy" and I LOVE that pie witch!
Barb said…
I have never seen those boot scrapers. They are amazing but so are all of your witches!!!!
One can never have too many witches about the house.
Pat said…
Fabulous witches, Jaz.
3rd pic down... The Flying One... Love it! Looks as if it could be carved. But perhaps not...


Happy Harvest Home,
Margaret said…
I love your collection especially that weathervane. What a beauty! I was wondering if you kept many of your witchs out all year; you answered that and I am glad you do! Have fun up north! Can't wait to see what you get! Maggie
Birgit said…
Oh, more great witches! :)