We headed north to attend an Oktoberfest last weekend.

The first thing we saw was this .     
A major scary clown dude.   Made me want to run.       
We were a bit too early so lots had not yet started.      

This booth created the most fun things with gourds and pumpkins.

Click to enlarge and see the cute 4 eyed monster gourd.

Lots of booths were selling their handmade crafts.

Tents we set up to shade you while you ate perogies, hot sausages, hot dogs with sauerkraut and more.

The Blog tech and his father were happy to see the soda wagon.  They both got sassafras floats with vanilla ice cream. At 9:30 am.  Bleech!

We drive by this house every time we are in this area. It has a fabulous view over the mountains from it's front porch.

And it has it's own grape arbors.

And a plane!
There are lots of McMansions in this area.

This is Teddy's favorite view though.  Notice front and center you can see the head of an Emu.

That Emu never takes his eye off of us.

He walks the length of his pen as we slowly drive by.

A pumpkin patch.

Click here to hear how much Teddy loves seeing the "big Puppies".


Patty Woodland said…
Awwww, no more big puppies.
Barbara F. said…
You guys really know how to celebrate the season! Teddy is too cute. And a root beer float is just 2 good, any time. :) xo
What beautiful country! Sassafras floats for breakfast! My kind of day.
Anonymous said…
I can't help it but I'm jealous! Why don't we have things like that over here! October fest here usually means loads of drunk people drinking beer all night :-) :-) :-)

Teddy's soo cute :-) She would love this area, we have more horses here than anywhere else in the country :-)

Have a great day!
Nellie said…
Sounds like a great trip!
Robin Larkspur said…
That clown is definitely too scary. I will never go to a 7-11 again!!

Great festival, and glad Teddy enjoyed the emu and the horses, excuse me, big puppies!
Kelly said…
Octoberfest is a wonderful. I don't think we have anything around here like that. I will definitely look. We have the Common Ground Fair next weekend. Hippy Fair. Enjoy the cooler weather.
Guillaume said…
A pub nearby celebrates Octoberfest. I always wanted to see the real thing in Germany. Gorgeous pictures, as always.
I can't see any emu in those photos. Were you drunk?
Cathy said…
You always take the coolest road trips!
Margaret said…
I love Octoberfest! Teddy needs his own blog he is such a cutie! He would have more followers than anyone! What a beautiful area! Oh, and I can easily have a float like that for breakfast and not think a thing about it :) and maybe I have.... Maggie
Barb said…
Another great festival! I loved the video of Teddy!!
Wow, I have never been to an octoberfest. Where did yall go to this at? I know its up north but where up north? Oh and can you tell me what kind of dog Teddy is? He is so addorable that I would like to find one for myself eventually.
Chris said…
Thanks for sharing your recent excursions. They look like lots of fun.
I think that clowns are scary too!
Birgit said…
On Saturday the real thing will start here in Munich. Wish you were here! :)

By the way, I am giving away a Bavarian package over at my blog -- just in case you are interested. :)

The whole crew went, this time! What fun. And what great photography weather you had.

Mmmmm, a home with a beautiful view, a grape arbor, and a private plane/runway. :-)))

We had a Cessna once, but NOT at our home. -chuckle-

Deb said…
I would have fainted from terror had I run into that evil clown. The rest is lovely though-not McMansions (yuck).
Teddy is SO darling! I love her bark, its so ladylike. Don't think the horse was too impressed tho!
jody said…
looks like you all had a great time! especially teddy! enjoy!