The Country Living Fair 2012

The Blog Tech, his sister and I went to The Country Living Fair on Friday.  I have lots of photos for you.  Click on them to enlarge them.

We always buy the early bird tickets so we can get in before the crowds. We made sure to arrive at 7:30 am.  The kids were a bit grumpy about the hour but I was very excited.

We could see the tents from the parking lot.

We were about 15th in line and soon the crowds began to form.

The gates opened and we went straight to the pumpkin pile.  I love how they put this together each year.

Everything was decked out in Fall.

Isn't this cute?  Notice how they placed a gourd shaped like a chicken in the top middle nest?

Lots of Halloween to be had.

Cement mushrooms.

Line your horses up single file.

The ladies with their cute trailers were here again this year.

Great displays everywhere.

The community garden.  You can see a woman in period garb on the right.  She is harvesting Sweet Annie and the scent fills the air.

You can buy a fresh bunch for 2.00.

Some booths had Christmas.  This one had these cute bird feeders made from old silver plated pieces.

This is one of my favorite booths.

I bought a bracelet with this saying on it.

This was my daughter's first trip to the fair and she got some really cute things at this booth.



An old wash tub filled with flowers.

This place has A/C so you can sit down and cool off.

Shaded areas for eating.

And more pumpkins.

Upholstered furniture.

This was a sad moment.  I bought Kary's sign here last year.  She loved that sign so much.  I couldn't even go into the booth.

A new potter with some very nice pieces for sale.  The big ceramic pumpkins are finished on both sides for hanging in your window so you can see them from both inside and out.

I look at these stools each year trying to figure out where I can use one.  I still have not figured it out.

These turkeys tempted me.

Lace Halloween panels for your windows.

Carved gourds.

I bought one of these last year.  They look great hanging on your door with Fall leaves or Christmas evergreens.

This guy makes wonderful brooms.

Two tired but happy fair attendees! 

More tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
I have wanted to go to the CL Fair for years and years. This looks like so much fun!

Thanks so much for stopping by the Back Porch.
Barbara F. said…
I need to whip myself in shape so one time I can drive out to this fair, it is something I would love to see in person. Great photos, Joyce. xo
Patty Woodland said…
Looks like a blast - tempting turkies, plump pumpkins, watchful witches. It looks like you all had a grand time
your fair was way cooler than our fair. i LOVE that witch on an arrow thing - 2nd to last picture.
Anonymous said…
What I like with this Fair is that everything have such high standard! We don't have anything like this over here what I know of but if we did it would most certainly not look as good as this!

So much I liked in those photographs :-) All the signs and I especially liked that witch on the table in the eighth photograph! She has a fantastic face!

But isn't it a bit early for Christmas, especially in that heat :-) :-)

Looking forward to see more :-)

Have a great day!
Nellie said…
This looks like it was great fun! I think I'd like to go to a CL Fair, but there is never one held near here.:(
What great fun! The kids do look exhausted. I love country fairs.
Carole said…
Your pictures were terrific.....almost like being there!
Kelly said…
Great time and pics to prove it. We have the Common Ground Fair next Friday and I will be there. That is where I get my Sweet Annie every year. I love the smell too. I hang it from the rafters in my kitchen. I love fall.
Oh Joyce! What a wonderful setting and I cannnot beleive that pumpkin pile, and the gourd shaped like a chicken~ Wouldn't those flat baskets look wonderful with bittersweet, pretty soon it will be out.
This was so interesting and I'm happy to see where Kary's sign came from
Barb said…
This blog post was absolute eye candy for anyone who loves the fall. I did like the last photo of your kids. How great that they went with you! My daughter would go with me but the son-no way!!
Margaret said…
What a great day! I wish they held those fairs near me! Maggie
Michelle said…
How wonderful! I am a bit jealous! I have attended before, but didn't go this year. Excellent photos.
Early bird tix are such a great idea! The Fair looks wonderful as always.
I'm lovin' your trip. These vender's know how to orchestrate their wares presentation.
The Frog Queen said…
Wow, thanks for the virtual tour...amazing!

Wow! Can you say "Fall Extravaganza?!?" What a batch of *eye candy*. ,-) You must have been like a kid-in-a-candy-store. :-))))

And look at that double rack of brooms!!!

Don't think I remember seeing your cute daughter, before. And I love her boots.

Donna said…
Glad you enjoyed the Sisters on the Fly trailers. We had a wonderful time!

Bee 'n Me

Laura said…
I've always wanted to attend the Country Living Fair. I love their magazine! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pictures.