The Country Living fair Part II

Our favorite booth.  A fun name and I love their decorations.

Click for closer looks on any photos.  This woman is the overseer of the fair and is quite a character.

These ladies show up each year to sell their baked goods.

Alleys of booths.

I have a weakness for oil cloth.  This booth sells oil cloth fabric as well as all kinds of things made from it.  I bet she sold lots of these carts.  Everyone has a cart at this fair.

Old cameras and a freak show sign.  I should have bought that.

Cute birdhouses.

This is why you always want to buy the early bird tickets.   Not only is it not crowded, it is also usually a bit cool.

I think these metal buckets might be potato bucket.  They have holes along the sides so you could rinse the potatoes and the water drains.

A Fanny Farmer candy sign.

Basket, buckets and coffee tables made from farm scales.

The stash ladies again.  They take clothes from thrift shops and embellish them with lace, ribbons and stencils.

The trailer ladies have a cowboy flair.

Creepy baby doll creatures.

The Stash lady gets checked out from behind.  Men!

The old car.

Metal guitars.

Lots of signs.  I guess signs sell.  I certainly buy them.

Die boxes with a Halloween theme.

Plump pumpkins.

This woman paints the originals and then makes copies of them.  I have a lot of her items.

We only spent 1  1/2 hours at the fair.  I shop fast.  Look at the line as we were leaving.

It stretched on forever.  It gets so crowded that you have to wait in line to get into the booths.

I could never attend this fair if it wasn't for the early bird tickets.  I don't have that kind of patience.


Patty Woodland said…
I'm with you there. OY. I hate to wait in line. The older I get the less patience I have
Oh ya, I'd be in the early bird line too! Those crowds would drive me insane! Short trip! LOL!!!

WOW, there is so much to choose from! I looks like you picked the best booth too!!! I love all the autumn decorations!

Have a lovely afternoon!
Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow!!!! What a fantastic amount, to choose from.

And I love the Stash Lady's outfit!!! Bet she looked just as good from the back, as from the front too! (Male, checkin' her out...) ,-)

Me too! I do ALL shopping as quickly as I can. I know what I want, get stuff if I can, and I'm ready to leave. Even grocery store. Needless to say, as fate would have it, I'm married to the very opposite. -chuckle- "Pondering" is his middle name.

So I bring a book to grocery store, finish, sit down on the bench area and he finds me, when he's done with 'pondering'. lol

Anonymous said…
this must be the cream a la cream of fairs! What a great event, I would love to go to this, I cand see why you make a trip yearly for this one.
I think you're right about the potato bucket,not for sure but we had a few of them on the farm and we grew all our families potatoes for the whole year so they were put in these buckets for the rinsing before being laid out on hay to dry in the sun.Thats a long line up to get in, smart to go early, I detest crowds,
Joyce, I cannot beleive there is an oilcloth lady. Those carts are wonderful, and I love her booth. I would stay there.........til all my mad money was spent.
Look at those people, what a draw that fair is.
I'm with you, I don't wait in line for anything. That fair had to be so much fun. I have an old potato bucket like those. The holes also allow air to circulate so the potatoes don't rot. The useless information I have is amazing! Oil cloth always reminds me of my grandmothers kitchen table. I love it!
Guillaume said…
Gorgeous pictures, as usual.
Barbara F. said…
Smart lady, to get there early. Only way to do it, it seems. xo
Robin Larkspur said…
I missed your post yesterday, so I closed my eyes to scroll down to Part 1! So enjoyable. so much fab stuff! It would be hard to resist just about everything. Too bad it was so hot, though. Hard to think Autumn when sweat is pouring off of you. I am glad your daughter got to go with you this year! It must have been a blast!! Now I want to see your post of everything you got! Those long lines look awful, how can people stand in those lines??!
Candace said…
Oh, Joyce, I would have loved to be a fly on your shoulder - and seeing that there was even a quilting booth - I'm in for those early bird tickets for sure! Now to get there, I think I need a witches broom *wink*
Give me a bucket, a hammer and a big nail and I'll make you a potato bucket for free!
Barb said…
Thanks again! I loved the pictures!! I agree, I would have had to buy the early bird ticket!
Deb said…
I'd be running past those scary baby dolls, but love the rest. Wish I was there! Here in the UK we have Country Living Magazine fairs twice a year with loads of craft stalls, etc. Beautiful things but yours looks more fun. I have serious pumpkin envy.
Anonymous said…
CL Fair is usually a little bit of a drive away. Sure wish they would do it in MO sometime.:-)
Ina in Alaska said…
What a great fair! I love the Stash Girls creativity. Many wonderful booths though. I am with you! I would swoop in & out of there too!

Roxy says hi to you & Teddy! She is very nice to her auntie!! But not nice to the other dogs!! N
Sandy Sandy said…
I really enjoyed your photos of the fair, Joyce! It's nice to see what people are doing in other parts of the country. Thanks for sharing!
jody said…
thanx so much for sharing all the great pictures! i have always wanted to go but this was the next best thing! enjoy your evening!
AutumnRose said…
I live in Columbus, and I skipped it this year. After seeing the pictures, I was upset that I missed it, but I couldn't have withstood the long lines with my knee problem. It's certainly an awesome event.