The Halloween and Fall Kary Shrine

It seemed fitting that since we had our first cool Fall weekend that it was time to build the shrine to honor my friend Kary.  I miss her and think about her all the time.  I have felt so helpless being all the way across the country and being able to do so little.  Anyone who knew Kary knows how much she loved this time of year.  So Kary, this is for you! 

I started out with a blank slate and a few pumpkins.

Then I dug out all of my old Fall decorations.  I haven't had these out in years.

I sorted them all out to see what I had.

I worked in a big mess for 2 days.

My faithful helper kept me company.

It slowly started to come together.

The key to good decorating is layering.  Add a bit and then some more and then a lot.

The lanterns really light the decorations up nicely. I designed these lanterns and it took my iron worker a year to make them.

Click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

I found some cedar spray and spritzed all of the pumpkins and corn to keep the squirrels away.

I was going to wire this all with small twinkle lights but the glow from the lanterns was enough to illuminate the entire area so I passed on that idea.

These are the white pumpkins from Amish country.

I will continue to add to it as I find more pumpkins.

Kary always started decorating early like I do.

Each year we pushed each other to start earlier.

Her loving husband John has already put out all of her Halloween in their home.  He and little Teddy are holding tight to each other.

I finished the wreath early this morning and took this photo just as the sun came up.

I will leave this up until Thanksgiving which was a big holiday for Kary.

I miss you so much my good friend.  I hope this makes you smile.


Patty Woodland said…
It's a fitting tribute and very festive.

We are expecting a killing frost tonight or tomorrow.
Barbara F. said…
Beautiful decorating, Joyce. Very heartfelt tribute to Kary. I am sure you will get to see her one day, and I am sure she is smiling down at you. xo
Joyce, its so amazing, Kary would of loved it! Especially the pumpkins with the corn and sunflowers at the base of the steps in the classic planters. That is stunning;
You are right she started early, the day after the Fourth of July. Out with the flags and in with fall. Heat wave or not, rain or shine. (Mostly shine). This made me happy!
Teddy sure is a good helper
Anna said…
It's fabulous! What a wonderful way to represent your friend! I love it!! <3
Dog Trot Farm said…
Joyce, I too thought of Kary as I unearthed my Fall and Halloween decor. I know how much Kary enjoyed this season and am glad to read her loving husband John is carrying on with Teddy by his side. Your home is so lovely and festive, Kary would be proud. Sending greetings from Maine, Julie.
Joyce, that is absolutely beautiful! Kary is for sure smiling down on you. She was probably helping and you didn't even know it. She would be so pleased. You did a fine job my friend. Love the white pumpkins!
Anonymous said…
Just beautiful!

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
such a sad sad story, I hope this decorating brings you closer to her, I know she must have been a special person, my heart goes out to you and the family she leaves out behind.Take care Joyce, you did her proud, it looks beautiful,
Robin Larkspur said…
Such beautiful fall decorations! I hope the weather will continue to be more cooperative for you! Decorating for Kary must have given you some peace and bittersweet smiles.
Wizardess said…
Absolutely beautiful & elegant. Just planted mums & asters outside my new apt yesterday...looking forward to pumpkin time. I am sorry for the loss of your friend, but this is a wonderful tribute to her.
Margaret said…
What an amazing tribute. She is surely smiling from heaven. Your work is so incredible. --I am going back and forth viewing and reviewing your photos. What a blessing the two of you got to share such a special bond. Maggie
Magaly Guerrero said…
You bring color to the season. What a beautiful display. My terrace is jealous. I hear her sighing and sighing, wishing she was a house.
Guillaume said…
It looks absolutely gorgeous. I think I will start decorating the flat tomorrow, actually.
Barb said…
What an amazing beautiful tribute!!!
You have prepared a fantastic Halloween setting, in memory of your Dear Departed Friend. A labor of love, for sure.

And _labor_, that must have been. None of that, was easy to do. Even with your faithful helper around.

Thank you so much, for sharing this with us.

Gentle hugs,
Jaz this post brought tears to my eyes. I was @ B & N tonight and saw a decoration and though of Kary, I miss her so much. Your decorations look beautiful, I know you made our friend smile!
Just gorgeous and what a beautiful tribute to Kary. The love in your decorating shines through!
Tammy said…
A beautiful display on a gorgeous porch. Those lanterns are wonderful and You designed them? Wow! It looks like you have an older home. Are there any stories of it's history and/or other things about it?
petoskystone said…
Beautiful! Even more so than usual as it came from the heart.
Anonymous said…
Very inspirational. I love the porch decor. You're very creative. :)
chickpea678 said…
Wow Joyce. Your front porch is really spectacular. Your iron lanterns are out of this world. What a warm bright glow they throw.
chickpea678 said…
Wow Joyce. Your front porch is spectacular. Those iron lanterns are out of this world. What a warm bright light they throw. Your friend ought to be very happy!
This is absolutely gorgeous- a perfect shrine to the memory of Kary, and wonderfully symbolic of her warm and beautiful character. I know she's looking down on you, and this wonderful display, and smiling. Autumn made her so happy! ♥