The Blog Tech is on his way to the Florida Keys today.  He will be doing some guest posts while he is there.  A few people asked me to show some of my witch collection so I will do this over the next few days.  This witch weather vane sits on top of my garage.

My antique witch tambourine. I wish I knew the story behind this piece.

Click to enlarge this for a better look.  I bought this very old oil painting of a witch at an auction.  I wish I knew the story behind this too.

This is a very heavy iron witch with her cauldron and black cat.  It is from Germany.

A witch in an antique black frame.

These two are some of my favorites. They are carved from wood.

An old copper pencil holder.

The witches I painted in my garage.

A very rare green witch cup and saucer.

A German paper mache' witch.

A scrimshaw box from Salem, Massachusetts.


Robin Larkspur said…
Thanks for sharing your incredible collection. I am very green with envy!
Kelly said…
To think that a couple of hundred years ago your collection could cause you to be burned at the stake. I wish some of those things could tell you a story. I bet their beginings are varied and interesting. I would love to have a big weathervane like yours on my barn. Do you think the neighbors would talk? LOL Hope the trip to the Keys is wonderful. I love it so much. Much Love.
JoAnne said…
Wickedly wonderful witch collection! Love that tambourine!
Mrs. Wood said…
I love witches! You have a really nice collection, I especially love the dinner ware! They are one of my favorite Fall decorations! The other day when it was so windy, I came back into school and told our clerk's kindergarten grandchild "it was so windy outside, I saw the Wicked Witch fly by on her broom!" Of course she bought it hook, line & sinker! Love that age group!

I should show the carved witches, to the *Resident Wood Worker.* And casually say; "How about making me a couple of these?" -grin-

Nope! I know how long it takes, to make something like that!!!! He'd be at-it-forever because everything-must-be-just-right. :-)

-Waving to Blog Tech- Do keep us posted, during your trip!!!

And your antique witch tambourine, and your paintings in your garage, are cool too!

-chuckle- I can just see some stupid person, breaking into your garage... Shining his flash light around, to see what-to-steal... And seeing those paintings. !!!!!

Heh, heh, heh...

I love all your witch stuff, but I think the tambourine is my favorite. What a great collection.
Barbara F. said…
Great witches, I love the cup and saucer especially, and nice stand they are displayed on. You are a good painter, the witch in your garage is awesome. xo
Anonymous said…
I always enjoy seeing Your Witches :-) It's very hard to find any over here this time of year, but the closer we come to easter more will be seen, witches are after all our most popular easter symbol :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
I love all those witches. Which reminds me that I should put some Halloween decorations out now.
Ina in Alaska said…
Your witches all have different personalities and perspectives. Thank you for sharing those.

Your tambourine witch is a saucy gal! And your hanging witch, which you painted in your garage, was very sad.....

Hope the Blog Tech does not starve while he is away!
Autumnforest said…
Beautiful pieces, nice variety. I just love the tambourine.
Anonymous said…
Love the witchy decor.
Michelle said…
I am liking the witchy decor and I really like the vintage feel of most of it.
A very fine collection indeed.

I like the weather vane best!
Barb said…
Your witch collection is just amazing!! That weather vane is wonderful . I agree with you about the two carved witches. I 'll be looking forward to seeing all the rest!!
You have such a beautiful witch collection. I hope I can get my collection of pumpkins and witches to be that nice someday.
Margaret said…
What an amazing collection! Your artwork in the garage is incredible too. I love it all; can't choose a favorite. I look forward to seeing more! Maggie
Birgit said…
The pencil holder and broom pen are just awesome! Love your collection. :)
PansWife said…
The painting of the witch sitting next to the fire and cauldron is a detail from a larger painting by Edward Frederick Brewtnall. If you do a Google Image search you will find the original work entitled "A Visit to a Witch" painted in 1882. Yours is probably a copy done in the last century. Hope this is helpful.
Biba Meier said…
If you ever would sell the old oil painting we would be over the moon to show it in our small Museum of Witchcraft in Switzerland.

You have inspired me to make some of my own Halloween decorations. Thank you for sharing your collection - my favorite is the German paper mâché witch!