World's Best Turkey Sandwich

 I am always trying to come up with a recipe for a good turkey sandwich.  I find them so bland.  When I made the pumpkin bread I knew it would be very good with turkey.  There is a whole world of competition out there filled with people claiming to make the best turkey sandwich in the entire world.  I just joined them!

 I brined a turkey breast and roasted it and removed all of the skin. 

 Then I sliced the meat very thin.  This turkey breast just about drove Teddy crazy.  And yes, she did get her fair share of it.

 I sliced the pumpkin bread and spread one side with Dijon and the other with mayonaisse.

 I add some brie to one side.

 And Gouda to the other side.  Then I added sprouts.

 I topped the sprouts with thin apple slices, added fresh tomatoes, iceberg lettuce for crunch and then the turkey. The meat is very flavorful from being brined.

I served it with some of my homemade refrigerator pickles.  I don't know if it is the best turkey sandwich in the whole world but it is right up there.


Patty Woodland said…
I'm sure it is. If I catch the next flight will there still be some left?
Autumnforest said…
You put me in the mood for autumn every time. I wish you'd open a B&B. I'd be there regularly.
It sure looks better than what I'm having for lunch right now!!!! Great job!!!
Barbara F. said…
My oh my, my mouth is watering~love roast turkey and always brine mine too. This is an outstanding sandwich. xo
Robin Larkspur said…
It does look tasty. Now if there was some cranberry sauce......
Oh wow, can almost taste all those flavors. Bumping into each other and vying for attention, kind-of. :-)

Gotta' go eat! ,-)

Anonymous said…
you build one amazing creation, wow!!That bread looks beautiful too, what a pretty sandwich!
HappyCrone said…
dried cranberries would be lovely too!
My mouth is watering already. This is what my niece is getting for lunch tomorrow. I will have to say I've got to add a little cranberry relish to mine.
Anonymous said…
This looks just delicious!

I can't understand it but turkey isn't especially popular over here. We used to have it at Yule in my family, one of the few things my mother actually could cook :-) :-) :-)
But since so few buys it here it becomes rather expensive wich makes even fewer people buy it :-)

The best turkey I've ever tasted was when a friend and I was invited to a Portuguese family outside Lisbon. It was the fathers secret recipe and he refused to give it to me :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
petoskystone said…
Yum! Turkey is so incredibly bland that it seems to suck up all of the flavor from every seasoning you put in it.
How do you afford a brie and gouda turkey sandwich?
luckybunny said…
I wish I had this sammie in front of me right now.

Guillaume said…
Looks delicious. I love turkey sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, poultry sandwiches in general. The best chicken sandwich I ever had was in Pinewood Studios, after an interview there.
Barb said…
Oh my gosh that looks so good!!
Ina in Alaska said…
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh.... what a combination of utter mouthwatering deliciousness!!!!!!!! I am drooling up here in windy Anchorage! And those pickles look crisp and delicious.

I feel like Teddy. Oh my, what I would not give for a bite of that sandwich!!!
I like those "Thanksgiving Dinner" sandwiches with turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce between (ideally) toasted bread.

I must confess, though, that I cannot eat any poultry with cheese. It just seems wrong to me somehow.

There. Now you know my deepest secret.
Joy said…
Your sandwich looks absolutely delicious! Wish I had easy access to all the ingredients here. :-)