A Fall Town

So far today I have made a cheese ball, Williamsburg Peanut Soup, spinach squares, pumpkin pie dip and I roasted a chicken for chicken chili.  I will eventually post all of the recipes.

On our way back from Amish country, we stopped in this very cute town.

It was all decked out for Halloween.  A witch on a tree.  Click to enlarge.

This old mill house is filled all kinds of Americana to buy.

A witch bicycling through the air.

In front of the old meeting house.

An old man in the tree.

A Conestoga wagon in front of the summer kitchen.

A witch sitting on top of a covered bridge.

Oops...witch accident.

Inside the mill house, I spotted a trap door.

Fall roping.

Amish porch swings for sale.

It looks like the witch is dumpster diving.

Such a  cute sign.

I bought a few things for my party here which I will show in a later post.

Once again, we saw many cute houses and lots of them had the metal stars.

Loving this fence!

Another abandoned place.

I can just imagine how nice this once was.  I can picture the chicken surrounding that old coop.

I am sure it is as old as this tree.  I would love to restore a place like this.

We saw glorious Fall scenes all the way home.

Another Conestoga wagon, this one decorated for Fall.

Great tree!
An then I spotted this.....a geodesic dome house.  I would love to see the inside and know the story behind this place.  We once rented a geodesic dome in the San Juan Islands off of the Washington coast.

So back to my party prep.

I will have recipes soon!


I've never seen a geodesic dome as a house before, I like it a lot but had to find some info about them, I could read there were some disadvantages to have a home like that but who cares? It's cool :-)

It would have been great to have the money to buy one of those abandoned homes and restore them!

I like the flying witch, looks like she got stuck in spider web though :-)

Have a great day!
What-is-under-the-trap-door???? Come on, you can't leave us in suspense like this.... ,-)

And I second what Patty said... Stay sane. :-)

Laurie said…
you are one busy cook, sounds wonderful and the photos are beautiful, we have metal stars on a lot of our houses here, they sell them at the rural hardware store, I brought mine with us when we left.I hav never saw anywhere but here so this was nice to see,
Ashling said…
What a fun little town! And oy---so much cooking!!
Guillaume said…
Great pics. So much potential to this town, could be a great horror movie setting.
Nellie said…
Really nicely decorated town! Everybody must "get in the act!"
In the Canadian maritime provinces, metal stars like that on houses means the inhabitants are proud descendants of Acadians. I wonder if the Amish stars have some similar kind of significance?
Barb said…
Wonderful pictures!!! Fall is so pretty in the mid-west!!I would also love to get my hands on an old place like the one in the picture. When we were in Chicago, I saw a barn with hand forged hardware. They are eventually going to tear it down so I'm hoping my friend can get me a hook from the door.
My head would have been on a swivel. The last time I visited connecticut I was like that. It was all eye candy to me. I LOVE this trip you took. Buy anything? :)
Julia said…
All looking very Halloweenish there. İt'seven catching on in coastal Turkey now. Lots of the bars and restaurants are having parties. :)
Debbie said…
Joyce....Love it!! What beautiful photographs. I would love to come down there sometime and see the Amish and their wares. Have fun!
thanks for the pics allowing us to tag along. ;-)