A New Kitchenaide

 I have needed a new Kitchenaide mixer for years now.  My old one has been limping by for quite some time.

 About 5 months ago I bit the bullet and ordered one.

 Then I found Nicki.

 A very, very talented artist that does wonderful things to mixers.

You can check out some of her work here: http://www.un-amore.com/

My new mixer arrived yesterday.

Isn't it wonderful?

Her photos are better than mine.

I am so excited.

A family hierloom.

October Farm

So very pretty.

And maybe too nice to use!


Creepy Glowbugg said…
That is the most beautiful mixer I have ever seen! What a gloriously magnificent piece of art!! But then again, what you create with that mixer can be called, "art" as well.
That's beautiful! I'm afraid it's too pricey a process for me, but she really did a beautiful job of capturing your blog. Is that the same gal Ree Drummond used for her mixer art?
Wow, that is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

What fun to use it. Well, more fun even. And what fun to see it sitting there, on your counter. 'Cause any appliance as beautiful as this, you certainly won't want to hide away. :-)

Sooooooooooo coooooooooooooool!

Wow Joyce! That is stunning! I didn't know you could have anything like that done to a Kitchen Aide mixer!

Now I have mixer envy! LOL!!! I'll never look at my Kitchen Aide Mixer's the same again! LOL!! Hmm, the one in Maine may look cute with some art work . . . .

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said…
OOH so cool!! I've never seen anything like it! She's really talented!

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
It is stunning. I would be afraid to nick it up! Enjoy your new mixer!
Anonymous said…
That is beautiful! I don't think I could use anything that pretty.
Texan said…
That is so pretty!
Guillaume said…
I want one just like this.
Kelly said…
I think that I have been to that site before through Pioneer Woman. I ooooooddd and aaaawwwwdd. But I have never, ever seen such a beautiful mixer before. Mine is red and I was jumping for joy at the time too. You have to show it in action. I bet it even sounds nice.
Beautiful! I'd love to have one decorated just for me.
Robin Larkspur said…
Who knew that you could customize a mixer?!? This is so beautiful.
that is gorgeous!! she did a wonderful job with it
SharleneT said…
I'm with the others, Joyce. I'd be terrified that I would chip this beautiful beautiful appliance. It definitely is an heirloom and you may just have to go out and buy another. Enjoy.
Laura said…
oh my gosh!!! that is amazing! i just love it! i have a plain old white one (that has a chip in the paint) and I should send it to her to get it painted! wow, just wow...

enjoy using it!
Barb said…
WOW! That is one beautiful mixer! I know you will enjoy it for many years to come!
A customized Kitchenaide -- how exquisite! You deserve it!
Stunning. And I see good food on the way.

My heart actually slammed when I saw this work of artful beauty! I own this model of the Kitchen Aid mixer in red. I saw them advertised the other day and instead of the price going down...it has actually gone up to over $450. You picked a really great mixer to have personalized...and to have October Farm on it..would be beyond anything I would ever expect to own. It's lovely, Joyce and if anyone deserves such a treasure, it's you!!
Hugs and love,
Dog Trot Farm said…
Now that is the cadillac of all mixers! It is a work of art and puts my plain old white Kitchenaid to shame. Oh, but I do love my kitchenaid! Have a lovely weekend Joyce, it is cold in Maine this morning. Julie.
Suzie said…
My gray granite one looks SO dull now. .please adopt me, never mind that I'm older than you! That is gorgeous!!!! Hmmmm, hubby still gets a retirement discount from Whirlpool/Kitchenaid. . oh, honeeeeeeyyyy!!
Mary said…
WOW. I just spent the past 15 min. on her web site...drooling and wanting a new mixer. My kitchen aide won't seem to die.....just beautuful.
Rue said…
That is amazing! I would use it everyday. Or just...really look at it. Often. It's beautiful!
Seeing this wonderful piece of art just makes me look forward to getting my own Kitchenaid mixer even more. Not to mention that now I have a touch of mixer envy. She did a wonderful job with yours and I will have to see about getting her to do one for me as well in the future. Enjoy using this beautiful appliance. I hope it works as good as it looks.
That is beautiful!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I have never seen mixers as posh as this! They are stunning!!!