A Walk Through The Fall Garden

 The middle pond.

 The upper pond had some fog action going on.

 The red maples are the first to change.

 The Beauty Berries are a deep purple now.

 I have mushrooms everywhere.  I wish I knew if they are edible.

 The gurgling millstone.

 I love Paper Bark Maples.

 The Oakleaf Hydrangeas have dried out and their leaves are turning red.

 The fish are gigantic. They should have no trouble wintering over this year.

 Chard is producing for the third time this season.

 The woodpile is stocked for fires.

 Horseradish growing through the mums.

 My leeks are almost ready to be picked.

 These guys are springing up all over the garden.  They could end up being a problem.

 And look who is waiting to greet me when I return to the upper garden?

 But then she spies a squirrel.

 Which direction to go in first?

 Last years mums are blooming everywhere.

 I finally ripped out all of my summer vegetables.

Today I will replant the empty pots with new mums.


Ashling said…
Sigh...so very beasutiful. Thanks for the interlude!
Anonymous said…
I really like Your garden! It still look like summer to me though :-) :-) :-)
I'll see if I can find any mums and plant them in my garden, I might get them to survive the winter if I cover them with lots of soil. But I'm not sure they would be able to flower next year anyway :-)

Teddy is so cute!

Have a great day!
Those are great photos of Teddy in the foliage-framed doorway.
Patty Woodland said…
I made Worcestershire sauce with my horseradish. And well, horseradish.
Oh, I love, love, love those little streams and ponds!!!! Love 'em to pieces. :-)

Robin Larkspur said…
A beautiful fall tour, I love those beauty berries. And Teddy is so pretty and princess-sy sitting at the top of the garden.
Jan said…
Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love it :)

greekwitch said…
Now i know why you love october so much(except Halloween of course!). You actually have for in your garden. How cool is that. Athens is never foggy except maybe in the deepest of winter or in the forest. I love fog!!
Please give Teddy from me a big kiss!
What a lovely tour of your garden, I really enjoyed it. Teddy looks beautiful & happy for the cooler weather!
Debbie said…
Joyce!! I love your garden and one of my favorite things is that sign!! Indian corn...love it@! Where did you get that?? Your flowers are gorgeous. I ALWAYS think of you this time of year because I remember how much you love it!! My mother in law and I were talking about you while visiting the other day! Imagine? We've never met but you were for a moment a part of our lives! Very cool...I'll be back to watch you enjoy your time of year..
jody said…
your fall garden is as beautiful as your summer garden! love the ponds, teddy and your latest recipes! enjoy your evening joyce!
Dog Trot Farm said…
What a lovely garden tour. I have always wanted a millstone for the garden, seeing your's makes me want one even more. Your beautiful home and gardens are a bit of heaven on earth...I am staring at the photo of your pumpkin pecan streusel muffins, yummy, I'm making those babies tomorrow! Have a good evening, Juie.
Barb said…
Thank you for the wonderful walk through your beautiful fall garden!
a lovely autumn garden......precious pics of Teddy.

Happy Happy.
Oh Joyce! *faints dead away*
Margaret said…
So beautiful. You lie in a wonderland! Maggie