Sorry for the late post but we spent the morning in Amish country.  Photos will be posted for the next couple days starting tomorrow.

For today I just have a bit of the gardens.

I love the color on these horse chestnuts.

 Mums for planting!

 My dill has reseeded and is growing.

 My outdoor sink has now been closed for winter.  I sure miss it when it is closed because I use it a lot.

 I think Teddy is wearing a path in the stone. 

 She walks back and forth between her two favorite spots all day long.

 Almost time to cut everything back.

 This sign just makes me smile each time I look at it.

 Time to close all of the fountains.  See all the leaves around the base?

 Teddy is never far from my side in the gardens.

 Hey puppy is it just me or are you looking a little fuzzy?

 She's always looking for those bad kitties.

 Good thing the pool is covered.

 Morning glories gone wild....no more!

 The climbing hydrangeas are a pretty yellow.

When I go back inside,  Teddy settles down in her most favorite spot.  She is always under the big umbrella.  It keeps both the sun and the rain off of her and is the coolest spot on the patio.  Teddy is a smart girl!


Decora Adora said…
I love the pictures the falll and the dog. Lonely
Saludos from Chike
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photographs and I like to see cute Teddy walking around with You :-)

More and more trees are without leafs now but that just makes the ones that still have them show the better :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures, as usual.
-happy sigh- Beautiful... Just beautiful... Bursts of color... What a show she puts on... The natural world... Before she goes to sleep for the winter, yet again...

Oh oh Teddy, winter... That means snow to walk on. Brrrrrr... Your delicate toes don't like snow. :-)))) Enjoy that sun!

Patty Woodland said…
She is that. We have snow in our forecast!
Enjoy your most favourite season, Jaz!
greekwitch said…
She is soo cute! And your gardens are so.. tidy! I can't manage to have my balcony in such a good shape!
Ina in Alaska said…
Fall is a pleasant time indeed. And especially after that sweltering summer you endured. I am sure Teddy is much more comfortable in her cozy outdoor spots.

I know Roxy is (in Brick NJ). Those furry pups had a tough time in the heat.

We are still relatively nice up here in Anchorage. Not much snow to speak of at all. But I could wake up tomorrow to "inches" of it. My shovel is ready!!
Teddy and Mele do the exact same thing. Mele is never far from me..paces the patio and sleeps in the shade of the umbrella or under the patio table all stretched out on her belly. What would we do without our little companions? They are so precious. I loved your photo's and I'm looking forward to seeing the Amish ones.
The sink has to be closed ..because of the coming snows? It isn't really cold there yet, is it? Still very warm here..and I'm not happy about it at all. Wish we had more of an autumn like yours.
:) Mona
Anonymous said…
Everything is looking beautiful! My mom had all kinds of morning glories taking over her garden. They were the worst!
Gorgeous photos!! loved your autumn colours - and the hats:)!
I always love your tours. I know I've been away a long time, but has Teddy gotten more white?