Amish Country II

 We found a great Amish store where you can buy all things Amish.  Hats anyone?

 The place is huge and so unlike regular grocery stores where all the space is utilized.  Click on any of the photos to enlarge.

 Amish sledders....just what I was looking for!

 Bonnets too.  We bought lots of cheese and sausages.

 This cemetery looked like the perfect Halloween place to be.

 Many country homes in this area put these big metal stars on their houses.

 I would love to live in a little town that has horse and buggy traffic.

 This guys buggy is ready for winter and is closed in on all sides except the front.

 What a cute town this is with wonderfully well kept houses.

 You have to be very careful when passing the buggies.

 All of the businesses have hitching posts to tie the horses to.

Here comes another one.  They move along at quite a fast pace.  I actually saw an Amish traffic jam.  Six buggies were lined up at one corner.


Robin Larkspur said…
Beautiful photos of bonnets, buggies and a wonderful little town. Some of the photos have amazing, ominous clouds. You must have had a blast.
I would have loved to travel around in Amish country :-)

I can see myself in one of those hats working in my garden :-) If I don't shave for a couple of months I would look perfect :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Oh my gosh, look at the black Bonnet!!!!!!

Lovely area. A possible place to relocate and down-size to? :-)

Patty Woodland said…
What fun. I miss such places
Laurie said…
What beautiful country, I would love to see the amish stores, although this is Amish area we have no Amish stores, I have started my new blog, I hope you will visit me.
Guillaume said…
I'd buy one of those hats.
Guillaume said…
I want one of those hats. And when I think of Amish, I think of Warlock, although in the movie it was a Mennonite.
jody said…
looks like a great trip! lots of beautiful pictures, treasures and food! enjoy your evening!!
Barb said…
Thanks for sharing these great pictures!! I LOVE the houses!
It's a beautiful and different way of life! The photos were lovely!
Love those straw hats! "Witness" is one of my favourite movies.
luckybunny said…
Those Amish Sledders are a riot!