Amish Country

We headed to Amish country early yesterday.

The countryside was glorious with all of the Fall colors at their peak.

We found this cute farm store.

With all of my favorite things.

They had all the different species of pumpkins and gourds.

A play area for children.

And all sorts of local Amish foods.

They sell their own honey made by these bees which you get to see working.  Click any photos to enlarge.

Apple Castle was fun!

Their apple orchard was right across the road.

Then we headed down the road to see what else we could find.

We saw lots of cute homes.

Teddy was thrilled to see "big puppies" (cows and horses).

The scenery was breathtaking.

And then I saw field after field where the farmers had done this with their cornstalks.

I want to live next to a field filled with these. More of the trip tomorrow.


Barb said…
While I love living in the Pacific NW, I would love to have one day in the beautiful Amish country!!
Marina PĂ©rez said…
Oh what a beautiful place, beautiful trip, beautiful pumpkins, beautiful field, I would like to be there, Marina
Looks like it was a glorious day or a ride! Love the apple store!
Bees are fascinating creatures alright.
Patty Woodland said…
The goats would love those corn stalks!
Hey, I think I know where this is! I live south of there. Small world.
Claudia Turgut said…
Oh it looks amazing! What a sky! What a trip! Wow!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful countryside! And that bee hive is just soo cool!

I've never seen anything like those cornstalks, but not many grow corn here.

Have a great day!
Carole said…
One day I am going to have to visit Amish country - it looks lovely and exotic!
Robin Larkspur said…
Super photos, Joyce. I especially love those last two pictures of the cornstalks in the fields....perfect Autumn scenery. Glad you were able to make the journey.
Guillaume said…
As usual: gorgeous autumnal pics.
storm-eee weath-er.......bees and honey, apples, and oh, the corn stacks, so fabulous.

thank you for sharing.

happy October.
Lovely Autumn trip...

But wow, seeing working bees! Seeing what inside-a-hive looks like... How cool is that?!?

Michelle said…
The next to last photo is beautiful. Great color and DOF.
Ina in Alaska said…
Thanks for taking us along. I agree with you regarding the charming homes you passed along the way.

Got my Cajun beans going in my crock pot now. House smells great!!
The Frog Queen said…
Thanks again for one of your amazing virtual trips! Looks like a great time.