Amish III

I know I am dragging this trip out but I have my big Fall party this Saturday night and I have been shopping, cleaning, decorating and now I am about to start cooking for it.  So this is all I've got! I loved this photo of the blurry horse and buggy flying by the front of a very non-Amish house.

I am never sure what I will get because I am driving as I take all of these pics.  So it is sort of shoot and hope.  Click on any of them for a closer look.

A storm was rolling in as we were driving through the countryside.

We passed a field full of hundreds of cows and Teddy sort of lost it.  Notice my pumpkin is wearing a seat belt.

These are really blurry because I was shooting them over my shoulder.

Teddy is beyond excited at this point.

If you enlarge this photo, you will see a giant cow on the deck on the back of this house.

I was so impressed by the condition of all the homes in this town.

Most were decorated for Halloween.

You can tell that people really take pride in their houses.

I want this one.

This is an Amish farm and they sell canned goods and their own produce.  You can always spot the Amish homes by the lack of utility wires.  They have no electricity at all.

I am also amazed by the number of uninhabited structures that people seem to have just left behind.  Back to work for me!  More tomorrow.


BEAUTIFUL ... Looks like Teddy is a good traveler. Our Kody gets carsick as soon as we get on winding roads. But, we take him (all 114 lbs) when ever we visit our kids and he gets seasick pills that make him drowsey. This only happens once or twice a year.
Enjoy the day with Blessings & Peace,
Looks like you guys had a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see all the goodies and decorations you prepared for your party!
Patty Woodland said…
The storm clouds are impressive.

You'd be happy. We had about 2" of snow
Robin Larkspur said…
More great photos from your Amish trip. And it doesn't bother me, I could look at these kind of pictures all the time. I want the house you want too! Love the trees around it and how it is up and back from the road.
Thanks for sharing, and have fun with all your cooking. I bet your house is going to look terrific for the party. Let's see, what time did you say to be there????!!
Laurie said…
beautiful photos, poor Teddy, I just mentioned to Garry when we were coming home the other day another farm has been taken over by the Amish here , the power company was in the long drive way removing the power lines, I have to admit it does make for a better landscape without those offensive wires but I lived without electric for 6 months years ago and that was enough for me.The romance quickly wore off, its hard work and smelly if you use coal oil like the Amish do here, yuk!!!!

I'm wondering whats on the menu for this weekend, something amazing as usual!!
Guillaume said…
It is like being in another time...
Marina PĂ©rez said…
I love the picture of Teddy and your pumpkin jijijiji :)

I'm glad that You show more photographs from Amish country :-)

It took a while before I found the cow :-) :-) :-)

Teddy is just so cute when watching all those big puppies :-)

Have a great day!
Oh Oh, you and I are going to have to "duke-it-out," for that house! I WANTED it, when I saw the pic. And then I read, that you wanted it. :-)

Oh isn't it perfect? Those to-the-floor front windows... And the decoration above all the windows... That front porch... The way its up-on-a-hill and kinda' looking down on everything else...

I'm certainly glad you stretched out your Amish country trip in pics! Or I'd never have seen this.

Wow, you must be a whirl-wind, the final days before your big Party! Makes me tired, just to think about all you are doing! :-)

Oh yes, I found the cow too!!!!!!

I really enjoyed your Amish tour too! We have one Amish community here in Mississippi but it's a 10 hour round trip from the coast, so I've never been. Was that seriously a cow on that raised deck? Like a real cow? Wonder what that was about?!
Barb said…
Cute pictures of Teddy and I just love the houses!!
Dog Trot Farm said…
Amish country is one of my favorite places to visit, especially in the Fall. We have Amish friends in Lancaster and it has been far to long since we have paid a visit. Seeing all your wonderful photos has made me realize how much I miss this beautiful part of the country. We cannot travel right now, due to Winslow Homer's health...someday. Do you have dear Teddy wear a seat belt? It is a must for Winslow Homer, you would think his sight had returned by all the fuss. Thank you for all the wonderful photos, can't wait to see what's cooking in your kitchen! Greetings from Maine, Julie.
Hey, call the cops on that speeding Amish guy! I love how your pumpkin is wearing a seat belt, LOL! Better safe than sorry, I know.
I love these photos. They are all interesting, it is good that Teddy travels well.
I cannot begin to imagine what it would be like to live without electricity.... Take care Diane
That storm looks rather menacing!
When I visited Connecticut it was clean and well taken care of like that...all the way to my brother's home in New Hampshire.
I couldn't see the darned cow on the deck..I enlarged the photo's but no luck. :(
A Autumn party? Sounds wonderful.
I got tickled at Teddy back there going nuts looking out the window.
And your pumpkin? What a good pumpkin Mom you are..keeping it all belted in like that.
luckybunny said…
Those are beautiful homes, just gorgeous. Fun road trip!