Fall Party II

 This post takes us up to one side of the guest house.  When my daughter was living here, this room was used as her closet.  All of this furniture will be going to The Blog Tech's new house.  I just bought him his first house about 2 blocks away form me.  It is a great house and perfect for him. Actually a lot of furniture from this house will be going to his new one.

 This is the bathroom on this side of the top floor.

 I bought this cute mat in Amish country.

 This is my daughter's bedroom.

 This old oak dresser was in her nursery when she was still in a crib.

 A nice big comfy bed.

 That is her dollhouse from when she was small.

To get to the other bedrooms you have to go back downstairs, cross to the other side and go up the steps that are to the left of the mirror.  Click for a closer look at the mirror.  I bought this in Saratoga Springs, New York and it was all handmade by a local guy. It fits so well into the Black Forest theme in the house.

We have had 4 inches of rain so far.  My roof is leaking.  But, it was not nearly as bad as predicted.  Hope it continues this way.  We have at least 3 more inches of rain on the way.


Patty Woodland said…
Glad it wasn't as bad as expected. I can't get a hold of my family. Their power is out and cell lines must be down.

My old home, Long Beach Island is apparently destroyed.
greekwitch said…
Your house is truly beautiful! you have amazing taste.
Be safe!
Nellie said…
How nice of you to buy the Blog Tech a house! Good that you still have power and that you will not have any more storm-related damage.
Glad the storm wasn't any worse than it was. Hope the last 3" of rain, move on, and don't fall over your house!

The Guest House is lovely. Totally warm and cozy, in the Black Forest Theme. Love her bedroom!

And the mirror was made by... whom? :-)

Another house for the "BT". I thought he already had a house. I thought......

Sorry to hear about your leaky roof! Bucket duty!
Kelly said…
I love your floors! Beautiful home, very cozy and warm looking. The colors are calming.
Anonymous said…
Very nice!

I'm glad that Sandy wasn't too bad and I guess You needed that rain by now even if 4 inches is an awful lot!

Happy Halloween!
Barb said…
Such fun seeing pictures of the house. I'm glad to hear you are in relatively good shape after this awful storm.
Deb said…
Glad you weren't hit hard by Sandy, the guest house is beautiful you have a fine eye for design and detail.
Guillaume said…
You have such a lovely house.
luckybunny said…
Beautiful! You got room for us? :)

So you are getting quite a bit of rain, we haven't got it yet if at all. Yikes to the roof leaking, that is NOT good!
Sorry about your roof! Lovely home!
Ina in Alaska said…
Lovely rooms! Your daughter's bed looks sooo cozy. Looking forward to a tour of The Blog Tech's new home some day!

Thanks for taking us along!
Dog Trot Farm said…
Joyce, glad to read you are safe and sound. Your guest house is absolutely beautiful! How does one book a reservation? LOL. Happy Halloween, greetings from Maine, Julie.
Oct. 31st

So glad you are getting cold temps! In hopes that some of the snow, begins to fall on you too! :-)

Even though tonight's Celebration is cancelled, until Sat.....

Happy Halloween, Samhain... Whatever you choose to call it.

Pict-ish! said…
hope your Halloween weather improves, I will send you some blessings tonight :) I have some lovely traditional Irish Halloween recipes my family and I enjoy on the day, I'll send them your way if you like :) Hope you are all safe and well xxxxxxx
Oiche shamhna shona duit!
Son Lakhani said…
We encountered the same problem. It's too bad that the storm lasted for a few more days and you can imagine how much damage it has caused. I know you said that it wasn't that bad, but I do hope that you still tried to fix it.

-Son Lakhani
Hugh Dinatale said…
I agree with Son. Though the roof problem is not major, it's still best if you fix it right away. Ignoring it might cause you to spend more on repairs in the future. Also, you wouldn't want to rain inside your house, right? Thank you for touring us around your guest house, by the way!

-Hugh Dinatale