Halloween Decorations

I am up to my eyeballs in cooking so once again I will give you some Halloween things to look at.

Click on any of the photos to enlarge them.  This is an old Halloween game.

Very heavy metal witch, cauldron and black cat from Germany.

The box on the left is a sewing box, you can see the witch is stitching and the one on the right is a vintage candy box.

A spiderweb mask from Salem.

And a bat mask from Salem too.

The owl is a vintage TV light.  When it is turned on the eyes glow yellow.

My owl collection.

They are all outside on the potting table.

And in the big birdcage.

Miniature handmade Halloween figures.

I keep these guys out all year long.

They make me smile.

A hand carved collection.

The German ones again.

I framed a bunch of these antique bat prints and sit them around during Fall.

My Halloween mantle from a couple years ago.

Two carved flying witches.

Some of my Halloween redware.

I put this out in the garden room each year.

A pumpkin pillow.

I bought this old mirror at a thrift store and painted it.

And framed The Salem Witch House in the top part.

My back patio from several years ago.

I always stop at Spooky Hollow street signs.

And fill my truck up with pumpkins!


Jan said…
So many wonderful things to admire, Joyce...thank you.

I love your mantle from a couple of years ago...wow!!!

Anonymous said…
I think you're doing a wonderfuljob blogging with all the cooking you have been doing, I really like the carved flying witches, those are beautiful, I like that you keep your collections out year round, that shows how dear they are to you.Have a great friday!
What a great post but I particularly love your owl collection. Have a good weekend Diane
Anonymous said…
I think the miniature ones look a bit creepy :-) and can one actually see anything from that bat mask :-) It looks like a lot of the bat's hair is right in front of the eyes :-)

I like all Your Halloween things :-)

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
I adore the masks. Don't fall into a crock pot or anything
Robin Larkspur said…
Owl collection, fabulous!!
Love all your great collections!
Suzie said…
I love looking at your collections!! So much fun! And they no doubt hold many memories for you too.

Have a super time at your party. .I KNOW that it is going to be a huge success!!!
Guillaume said…
I love the pictures and decorations. I envy you for having so many to put out.
luckybunny said…
I LOVE the owls! Everything is so much fun.
Ohhhh, that spider web mask is soooooo perfect!

Wondering if your kids played with that old Halloween game? :-)

I really like/noticed that small sign you have up over a window... "Witches Heal"... Nice........

Have a super PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

I like the saucy grin on the black cat in the little yellow smock!
What wonderful decorations, especially the redware! The pillow really made me smile! Can't wait to hear what you cooked for your party! Take lots of pics!

Mary & Dukeums!
Ina in Alaska said…
Wow! What a great & interesting collection! You put so much detail & care into everything. I admire that!
Barb said…
I just love seeing your collection!
LOve seeing the Halloween collections.