Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to everyone!

My favorite day of the year.

But it has been canceled here.

And re-scheduled for this coming Saturday.

I understand that they did this because it is still raining and is very cold.

But I think Halloween should be on Halloween no matter what.

This seems like canceling Christmas due to a snow storm.

We aren't flooded and don't even have many trees down.

And here I am sit with 150 goodie bags ready to pass out and no trick or treaters. Plus, I am betting some people won't know it's been canceled so there will be confusion.

By Saturday I will be in full Thanksgiving mode.

And I will already be in Halloween countdown for next year.

I remember trick or treating in the snow.

Wearing costumes under winter coats.

It just doesn't seem right.

So maybe I will pout a bit.

And keep my eye on really scary things this Halloween night.  I hope you all have a good one!


Patty Woodland said…
I know in some places they did it because roads were impassable and the electricity is still off.
I'm sorry it's causing so many issues. Bad Sandy, bad, bad, bad Sandy
petoskystone said…
If any costumed ones do show up, you'll be ready! Trick or Treat has been postponed a week in the town the grandchildren usually go to. So they're heading to another town for tonight. A Happy Halloween anyway! ;)
Joy said…
Happy Halloween to you too! Well, the holiday isn't even celebrated here in Turkey unless other expats host a party or you attend one of the random bar costume parties. Me, I've got a cold now, so we will just hang out at home. Maybe you'll get to celebrate Halloween twice? ;-)
Oh yes, betcha' there will be mix-ups on when-to-go-trick-or-treating.

My little-est guy/"Grand" next door, already came over to show us, his costume. And he saw me in my outfit... Black sparkly cape and big purple Witches Hat. So he won't be *confused* when he comes to the door tonight, and see's me. -giggggles-

Happy Halloween, Samhain, whatever you call it!!!

Marjorie said…
Happy Halloween! Jealous that your celebrations have been extended--I will have post-holiday depression tomorrow! I am glad that you all came through Sandy OK.
Anonymous said…
Halloween blessings today no matter when trick-or-treat night is.
Anonymous said…
Happy Halloween!

I sort of understand that they have moved it but still! It's like You say, they would never move Yule :-)

Great photo of the moon!

Have a great day even if no Trick or treater comes!
Deb said…
Oh, I'm so sorry about your Halloween. I agree it should go on no matter what. I've enjoyed all your witchy wonderfulness this past year, not to mention all the delicious treats from your cauldron! Here In London, I'm getting ready for the bell to start ringing. Halloween is really taking off here but nothing like when I was a kid growing up in New England! x
Nydia said…
Blessed Samhain, Joyce! Sorry for the weather challenge. :o( I hope kids are able to got your house and get your yummy treats!

Kisses and much love from us!
Autumnforest said…
Have a glorious and magical Halloween!
Heather said…
A very merry Halloween to you! Your photos are just lovely, and so is your home! I hate when Halloween gets "rescheduled" by the powers that be. A year or two ago ours got rescheduled because "it was on a school night" (ridiculous! I have a feeling it was just because it fell on a Sunday) and we had no idea until we saw kids in costumes running around the night before. So what happened? Kids trick or treated two nights in a row ;) I say rain, sleet or snow, Halloween must go on!
Hope you have a wonderful evening!~
Nellie said…
Wonderful pictures of fall here! I would have all the candy eaten by Saturday!:)
Hell yeah! As you know, up here in Canada. we trick or treat no matter WHAT the weather is like -- rain, snow, sleet, whatever!

Samhain blessings to you, the witchiest witch I know!
Claudia Turgut said…
Go ahead and pout, baby! That's absolutely ridiculous: how is that possible that they can cancel it? And for you specially, this is just not fair!!! We don't do Halloween at all over here in Turkey (not surprisingly) - I wonder if they have it in the UK nowadays?
Robin Larkspur said…
Joyce, sympathies for the delay in trick or treating. The one day you really look forward to! Boo humbug!
Kelly said…
Sorry to hear that it has been postponed. I feel like ours has been completely cancelled. Not because of weather but because they have started a new "trend". Trunk O Treat. Now the kids are to go to the town hall and go from trunk to trunk. How dull. I feel like I'm in mourning. I hope they still come to the door! Double candy for the kids. Happy Halloween anyway.
Guillaume said…
I am so sorry about this year's celebrating Halloween and I feel your pain. I had a Halloween party a week after Halloween, back when I used to work in Liverpool and it's not the same.

Oh but lovely pictures.
Raleigh James said…
Seriously?? I can see cancelling it in areas that are FUBAR by Sandy, but just because it's cold?? That's insane. What kind of wimpy kids are we gonna end up with if they keep doing things like this?
luckybunny said…
I have to agree... I understand where the storm hit the worst, but still it just doesn't seem right. Halloween is tonight - not a week from now or a week before now. But I guess the main thing is the kids get their candy lol. I love your treat set up! I love Halloween too, the whole feel of it. Wish it lasted longer! It's just the greatest time of year. Happy Halloween!
Candace said…
Oh Joyce, if anyone deserves to pout it's you! What a shame. I'm guessing, though, that you'll have plenty of trick or treater's tonight - fingers crossed for you!
Happy Halloween to you too! Teddy looks adorable in that last photo!
Debbie said…
OMG!!!!!!!!!!! HOW COULD THEY!! DON'T THEY KNOW THIS IS YOUR ABSOLUTE FAVORITE DAY OF THE ENTIRE YEAR!!! YOU LIVE FOR THIS DAY! THIS IIIISSSSSSS YOUR CHRISTMAS. Well...I am hoping that you have fun tonight on the real Halloween and also on the fake one. You are absolutely right...would they cancel Christmas for another day??? Never!! Enjoy your day/days Joyce!! Happy Halloweens to you! ~..~
Rue said…
Ditto, what Debra said. We have had rain and almost-snow this week. Ugly. But Halloween goes on in Canada. Toss a fairy dress over a snowsuit if you have to.

Watch Practical Magic, make yourself some midnight margaritas, and treat yourself. Hopefully a few brave ones will venture out tonight anyway. And a second Hallows on Saturday. Have fun!
Deb said…
So sorry for the sad news I am sure the trick or treaters feel just as sad. I do hope you had a pleasant day of it regardless.

Samhain….A Peace Blessing
 by Lady Abigail 
Witches dance the circle round,
In magickal places we shall be found. 
Within this blessed and sacred night,
Spells are cast in burning fire light. 
Under the radiant moon so pale,
We welcome those from within the veil. 
Thy mysteries we call to embark,
No fear have we of what hides in the dark. 
We summon every Witch to heed this call,
That we shall come together one and all. 
Let us stand proudly hand in hand,
Blending our energies across the land. 
To invoke as one this Samhain spell,
At the ringing of Witching hour bell. 
In unity we call unto this spells rite,
Peace for all lands come to our sight. 
So this the summon, in our Witches plea,
Peace for all, So mote it shall be.
Jan said…
I am sorry that Halloween will be delayed for you. Wishing you only the best and enjoyment of the season next week.

Beautiful pictures, Joyce. You have such a lovely place~~~