Practical Magic Spell Book

I'm still busy cooking for this fall party, so I'm reposting this entry from 2010.  Enjoy!

One of the most prized possessions in my extensive, authentic witch collection happens to be the original spellbook from the movie "Practical Magic".

I keep it on permanent exhibit on an antique lyre book stand in my library.

As you know from watching the movie, hidden in the back of the spell book is a secret section that you can see in the picture above.

The front section has lighter, cheerier spells.

On this page I have displayed two dried flower petals. These and many other items such as notes, ribbons, pieces of fabric, and feathers were included with the book. I have set them aside to prevent them from falling out.

A page from the second part of the book for when the love potions don't quite cut it.

Now that you've exorcised the demon, it's time to drink these potions and find a new one.

And these are for when the new one breaks your heart.

When you're tired of this vicious cycle and decide to end it once and for all, that's when you visit the back of the book.

In the movie, you'll remember that they threw the book on the table, turned it upside down, and opened the secret area in the back in order to get to the dark spells.

In the movie you don't get to see too many pages of the book, which is a shame because it is full of illustrations and incantations like this one.

When a man has broken a woman's heart and she wants him to feel the pain he caused her, she casts this spell.

This is the spell that was used in the movie when the girls attempted to bring Jimmy Angelov back from the dead.

"There's a little witch in every woman" is my favorite line in Practical Magic because it exemplifies female empowerment, the theme that I believe has made this movie so popular. Owning something like this spellbook is cool, but it can never hold the power and significance of a spellbook that you make yourself. I am now going to take you through the way I make a spellbook, and I hope that you will give it a try.

There is a hidden pact which states that a witch should never show her spell book to anyone. I disagree with this; I think this is why so few women know how to go about creating them. And also, I write a blog. No one wants to hear about my spellbook so much as they want to see it.

This is a handmade replica of the Practical Magic spellbook that I purchased at a witch store in Salem, Massachusetts this past October.

As you can see, its binding is the same as the Practical Magic spellbook above. I have not yet begun this one because I have another spellbook that I am still completing.

The spellbook completely open, showing the hidden area.

The next few pictures are a collection of different spellbooks that I have not yet started. This book has has a bronze Green Man on the cover.

Each chapter in the book of shadows begins with this kind of illustration.

The following photos are pictures of spellbooks in my collection.

This is the first spellbook that I started, and it's the only one that's totally complete.
When I finished it, I wrapped in in the black satin ribbon shown here.. As promised, I am now going to show you the inside of my spellbook.

I believe a spellbook should show things near and dear to your heart. I'm not talking about Martha, but being the chow lover that I am, I had to include a picture of her with her Chow.

A spellbook should be like a treasure box; whenever you find something that holds special significance to you or even just makes you smile, make sure to add it.

Each year, I like to add a picture of the home made invitations to my Halloween party.

From year to year, I forget what my invitations looked like. It is fun to go back periodically and look at them.

Loving fall as much as i do, I clip anything that reminds me of my favorite time of year and add it to my spellbook.

I include special cards that remind me of different times in my life.

I especially like to keep one-of-a-kind Halloween cards that people send me every year.

This spellbook took me six years to complete.

I write all of my best recipes in my books. I put a little love and magic into all of my recipes. Just like the best of spells, they profoundly alter or affect the people around me.

I always made the same recipes when my children were sick, which always made them feel better. A couple years ago, I made all of my best recipes for a man dying of cancer, and it extended his life span two more years than the doctor had given him. They called it magic, and so do I.

I'm not going to lie: I have on rare occasion made some recipes from the secret area in the back of my book. As it turns out, however, you can't kill evil!!!

Dried flowers from my garden shown in the pictures above play a big role in my spellbooks. This is the flower press I use to preserve them.

Snippets of inspiration can be found scattered throughout my book as well.

These are vintage die cuts from Germany that I frequently use to decorate spellbooks.

This is the spellbook I am currently working on. I purchased this from The Broom Closet in Salem, Massachusetts. It is a duplicate of my first one.

More vintage German die cuts decorating the inside of the cover.

In my witchy mind, I thought I might be able to reincarnate my dearly-beloved dead chow Freddy. But just like in the movie Practical Magic, you can bring someone back, but they won't be exactly the way they were. Teddy proved this point!

I feel very comfortable displaying my political views within the confines of my book.

A poem from the inside of one of my Halloween invitations from a few years back.

Fall inspiration comes from all different sources.

More vintage German die cuts.

I like to include pictures of loved ones here and gone.

There are no guidelines for the way your spellbook needs to look. It can be as fancy as any of these, or as simple as a notebook or binder.

Just a little witchy wisdom for you: to hide a spellbook is to hide your true self. I hope that this post has inspired you to let your witch flag fly.

The magic is within you!!!

To end this post, I give you one last treat: Sally's umbrella. This is the actual umbrella used by Sally (Sandra Bullock) at the end of the movie when they all jumped off the roof!

And in true witch fashion, I don't believe in any of the negative energies out there. I like to open my umbrellas in the house.

Whenever you need your witch fix, please remember to stop by and visit me where it's Halloween today and every day, for good and for bad.


Anonymous said…
what an amazing collection, just incredible!you are very much in tune with your witchy witchy woo side!
Anonymous said…
I love when you share items from your collection. It is time for me to start a new spellbook, and I really need to find a nice book this time.
Jan said…
FANTASTIC!!! I have enjoyed this post so much and Jaz, you have truly inspired me to make my own "spellbook" and now I know what to do...Thank You!!!

Anonymous said…
I think those spell books looks so beautiful and cool! I remember them well from last time You showed them.

I still haven't found that movie but I'll keep serching for it!

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
I still haven't seen that movie. I should try and watch it the next time it's on
Guillaume said…
Where do you find all these things?
jody said…
love your witch collections and i can tell you do too! such cool treasures! enjoy your day and happy cooking!
I have watched that movie hundreds (really) of it! and am so envious that you own a piece ~ I have more spell books than you can shake your broom at...all are filled and all of the spells have been succesful (thank the Goddess!!) so, may you be blessed with everything good ~
Nellie said…
Amazing treasures you have there!
Megs said…
That certainly inspired me!
Thanks, Jazz!
PansWife said…
I liked the novel by Alice Hoffman much better than the movie, although there are some great visuals in the film version. Thank you for this inspiring post. I've had a leather bound blank book sitting around for years and now I'm off to fill it up.
I love that movie and was thinking of watching it tonight! Love your collection too!

Now, cast a spell to keep hurricane Sandy away!
Kelly said…
Beautiful spell books. A little of this and a little of that.
Your spell books are amazing, creative, and treasures. I loved looking at them and your handiwork.

Your special items expand the collection in a good way.

Barbara F. said…
Oh Joyce, I need some spells for me!! Diet spells, financial spells, nice man for me spell.....I need to make a book for me. xo
Barb said…
This has been a wonderful post! I think I might try a spell book! I love the things you put in yours.
c. Joy said…
How beautiful. Thanks for sharing and letting us into your world. I am inspired.
This is EXACTLY the post I have been wanting to see! I was delighted and enjoyed every picture and every word. I want to try to make one..and I think I am inspired. Indeed I am.
I will get back to you next October.
Getting ready to do my post mentioning you. (Have I told you that I'm SUCH a fan?:)
P.S. Haven't seen the movie..but I am on the lookout for it now! Also..Your home is fantastic..such interesting things in it. We seldom get to see the inside of your home and this was a real treat. This is another of your posts I am sending along to others.
Oct. 26th, 2012

This post is a bit over-whelming. I think I need to come back and go over it again... And look all through the photos, again... Just fantastic.

Thank you for sharing all these treasures with us.

These are like the Journals, which many people keep. But done up, with so much more style, etc.

A flower press! Would you believe, I didn't know how pressing flowers is done? -chuckle- Yes, you would believe. -grin- I'm not exactly very knowledgeable, in so many of these crafting arts.

Happy Coming Party!

candice said…
WOnderful!! Thank you for sharing!
Dog Trot Farm said…
What an incredible collection you have accumulated. Please don't hate me, but I have never seen the movie Practical did you come by the original spellbook and umbrella? ebay? I think,no I know I could spend hours touring your lovely home and gardens, so many wonderful items to see, especially your witch collection. Thank you for the tour of Amish Country, it is just as beautiful as I remember. There is nothing like visiting Salem at Halloween, but this year an old cemetary visit will have to do. Looking forward to pictures of your up coming party, greetings from Maine, Julie.
chirish said…
This is hands down the most fascinating collection I have ever seen. Thanks for letting us see it.
I love seeing inside your witch books! This is such a great post!
Celia said…
I loved this post the first time I read it and even more this time!!!
Celia said…
ps....I bought myself a very special book to use at a Ren Faire last year and I have only filled a couple of pages because I am afraid of "messing it up".....but I am going to get it back out and start using it! Thank you for the inspiration!!
Deb said…
Fantastic post, wonderful collection and so nice to see your lovely collection of witches, owls and the "books". I open your blog daily not just to read what you are up to but for the beautiful autumn leaves background, the one thing I miss terribly since moving to Florida is the colors of autumn, I drive north a few times to take in the color but it holds no comparison to enjoy the seasons change from the first moment. Thank you.
Seph said…
Very jealous you managed to nab that book! I'm currently having one made, and I am attempting to make a small version with a cloth cover.

Also, you posted the page that the sisters used to bring Jimmy back, but the page is incorrect. The page they used is actually shown in the film, and I took a screenshot of it -