The Event

 I am back and ready to start cooking again.  The event was a smashing success.  I had so much fun visiting my daughter!  I will be visiting much more often.

 Over 100 people showed up for this event.  These nights have become quite the place to see and be seen on the Georgetown social scene. This meat and cheese platter was devoured along with many rolls from the rolls tower.

 This table was used as the bar.

 I made seasoned saltine crackers and we put out some cups filled with snacks.

 This is a view of the room with the bar and the savory tables. Guests entered through the French doors between the tables.  My daughter dug out the Fall tree and the wreathes I made last year and scattered them throughout the rooms.

 I made pecan shortbreads, bourbon currant shortbreads and we put out some biscuits too.  My daughter made all of the floral arrangements.

 I also made lots of cranberry, coconut cookies.

 This pumpkin was filled with pumpkin pie dip which is eaten with graham crackers. i found a vintage set of sterling silver in a chest at a thrift store a while ago and gave it to my daughter to use at Tudor Place and it works perfectly for these parties.  Before I left for the event, I took old ornamental pumpkins and painted them silver and we used them along with silk fall leaves to decorate the tables.

 This is the room with the dessert table.  Now picture it with 50 people in it!

 My daughter set up the signature drink tables in this room.

 Another view of the room.

 Our work space.

 I made mini corn dog muffins to serve with chili.

 Bourbon glazed sausages.

 Ham, turkey and cheese spirals. Veggie cups and dip and Bev's tepenade served with pretzel rods.

 We put some of the pumpkin pie dip in little cups and topped it with whipped cream.

The theme for the night was Guns and Gowns.  My daughter created Blushing lady cocktails for the ladies.  I bought this tray at a thrift shop and sprayed it silver for the event.

 And The Hunter cocktail for the guys.  Tudor house had their collection of gowns and guns from the archives on display for the guests to view.  The chocolate cigars disappeared very fast.

I made a huge batch of chili which we served in cups topped with grated cheddar and Fritos.  People loved all of the individual servings.  Not a drop of chili was left.  I made a very good blue cheese dip and we served it in mini cups filled with crudite.

A view of the main table just before the guests arrived.  Once they filled the room I had no time to take other photos.  It was a very busy night.  Tomorrow I will show you some photos of the wonderful grounds at Tudor Place.


Patty Woodland said…
I'm sure it was a smashing success. What next - Parties by Octoberfarm?
laurie said…
oh my gosh the color palette is amazing, he food out of this world, you will be receiving many accolades dear friend, people will be requesting your help for all their events!!You are just so very very good at what you do and you do it ALL, your daughter has obviously inherited your skill as well, what a team you make and the blog tech and laura did a wonderful job as well, mustn't leave them out they held ship while you were away and did a smashing job!
Robin Larkspur said…
I believe the individual servings are definitely the way to go for these events, wonderful idea. Everything looks delicious; I am sure the guests were bowled over by all the fab foods you prepared. Your daughter puts on a great event in a lovely place. Very inspiring!
petoskystone said…
Wonderful spread! Glad that all went well. Even glad-er that you had such a good time visiting your daughter :)
Barbara F. said…
So heartwarming to see a mother-daughter team like this, and as someone mentioned above, your son and Lara did a fabulous job keeping us entertained while you were away. Great idea to serve things in individual portions like that. xo
Sandy Sandy said…
As usual, your theme, ideas, food and decorations are WAY over the top, Joyce! Martha Stewart should be envious and ashamed. Everything looked so delicious!
I would have had some troubles there, so much food and I would have emptied them all by myself :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Dog Trot Farm said…
How wonderful to be able to work side by side with your daughter. You are two very talented ladies. The array of food looks amazing. Your son and Laura did a bang up job while you were gone. Looking forward to more of your photos! Blessings, Julie.
Girl, you are absolutely amazing. Everything is splendid! No wonder everyone wanted your catering card. Beautiful, Beautiful!
What a lovely setting and delicious food! You must have cooked for days on end! I love all the individual servings. It makes it so much easier, but you need time to plan to get those little cups filled! Love how you spray-painted the try & pumpkins. We did that for my brother's 25th wedding anniversary a few years ago!

I'm looking forward to seeing more photos! Have a great day and a little rest, I'm sure you were exhausted, but the kind of exhaustion that you don't mind!

Guillaume said…
Boy that's my kind of buffet!
Margaret said…
It all looks incredible.I love your food choices because it's such comfort food (that anyone loves) with a twist and I'm sure your accessories along with that menu make it so easy for the guests to really enjoy themselves! They eat, they're happy and they are ready for the evening! Well done!
Kelly said…
Very beautiful set up. The food looks yummy. I know you were very busy. Happy Fall!
Ina in Alaska said…
Everything was so well presented and thought through! Lovely! I picture myself with one of those cocktails, and enjoying the chili and pumpkin pie dip!!

Bravo!!! How did Teddy hold up while you were away?
The entire event was stunning, food and decor.
I love how you put small servings of goodies in little cups -- makes them so easy to eat in a cocktail party setting. Clever!
Wow! Wow! Wow!!!!!! What a spread!!! What a beautiful setting. How marvelously you both decorated it.


Hooray for a good time, had by all!

Dee said…
WOW! Just wow!
How impressive is this? Love the dip filled pumpkin!
Droolin' over your food choices, as always. :)
You NEVER cease to amaze me! Everything you make looks 100% professional...but then ARE a professional. Yep...plain amazing!