The Practical Magic Spell Book

 I guess it wouldn't be Halloween season if I didn't give all the Practical Magic lovers a glimpse inside the spell book.  For any new followers, I own the original spell book from the movie Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.  This is the outside of it.

 I also have to pull out my spell books as well.  I have been neglecting my current one.  This is my first one.

 You can see that it is quite full.

 I use them as journals, cookbooks and scrapbooks.  I stick in anything that brings about fond memories.

 Thought I would throw in this photo I took this morning of our Halloween sky.

 I also thought I would show you this book that I found at a thrift shop a few years ago.

 Click for a closer look.

 There are some really scary people out there.

 I am all over the place with this post today.  I think it is because I have so much to do in the next few months that I am feeling very unorganized.  So, you get an unorganized post.  This is my favorite witch painting.

 My palmistry hand.

 A few Fall photos to get you in the mood.

 I build a fire almost every night now.

 And here are some of the pages from the spell book.

 Cick on the pics for a closer look.

 A love incense recipe.

You can see that the "dark side" of the book is tucked away and upside down at the back.


Patty Woodland said…
It's been chilly here too. He builds a fire in the morning but the sun is still coming out brightly enough that the solar heat does a fine job throughout the day. We don't need one at night yet.
FreeDragon said…
Have you ever tried anything from the practical magick book, like the incense recipe? I would assume everything in the book was made up, but I have to wonder what sources they used.
Anonymous said…
thats a amazing book, you're lucky to have that one from the movie, wow, what a treasure.You are so right about some evil people out there and its not always the ones one would think, hats for sure.
My blog was reported as having suspicious content when I did the post about residential schools, what ever, I;m done, but I will always be here following along, I wish I had a good spell for the people who did this to me!! lol, your enthusiasm for Halloween is wonderful,
Robin Larkspur said…
Great Halloween, Autumn, Practical Magic Book of Shadows post!
That Satan Halloween book is very disturbing; If pagans even believed in Satan it would still be a stupid book.
Jan said…
Oh, Jaz, how wonderful this post made me feel. Excuse me if I have a bit of envy that you are so lucky to own that beautiful spellbook ;) Gorgeous photos, too!

I love your blog~~~Jan
c. Joy said…
What a glorious post! I don't think you missed anything. I'll have to go back through your blog and see if you tell us the story of how you came to have the Practical Magic book. I'm inspired to clean house - magick must be afoot... somewhere.
Suzanne said…
Oh I just love you have the PM BOS!!!!!!! I have a candle holder, kettle, plate, and trivet from the movie set and I just adore it. I hope to get more items soon. Thank you so much for sharing!
Anonymous said…
I still haven't seen that movie, I must try and find it this autumn!

That book Halloween Satanism is a bit confusing because Satanism has nothing to do wuíth either satan or the devil :-) :-) :-) Satanists doesn't believe in ant god or devil :-) :-) :-)

Perhaps they should have made a better check up before they wrote that title :-) :-) :-)

But then again, we chriatians have a tendency to be pompous asses damanding respect from everyone but never give any back. So why should these two care about checking any facts :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Marina Pérez said…
Hi, You have a little surprise in my blog
Guillaume said…
I love those pictures, especially of the painting!
luckybunny said…
AHHH I didn't know that! How cool. Love the pictures. I want to come visit you! Really cool.
AlphaBetsy said…
So much awesome!! I had someone give me a book like the satanism one once. It was about how evil witches are, including Harry Potter. Lol. I just let it slide, but kept the book, because it's kind of funny.
You have the spellbook??
serious score
I love that hand with the palm reading guides, I used to read palms but can only remember a couple things now, its fun to do,
have you had yours read?
Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, for many reasons. (I too have a spells book.) Great post.
Barb said…
Maybe you think this was disorganized but I think it was fascinating. I love the spell book!!!!
A little bit of everything in your post today -- just like a good spell book!
SharleneT said…
I agree with everyone else, it's a great post, showing your diversity. I love the palmistry hand and that you have the Practical Magic book. It's definitely found the right home. I covet your Old Witch painting and have just the perfect spot for it; but, I know it's in good hands with you, so I'll just return to this posting when I want to enjoy it, again. Come visit when you can.
Jan said…
Jaz, I watched the movie again last night and I enjoy it more and more each time. It was really fun to see the spell book and know that you have the original!!!


BTW...I love that old witch painting! Gorgeous!!!
Ina in Alaska said…
I need to have a spell cast over me to help motivate me to clean, unpack and get organized after my wonderful 3 weeks away!!!

Still bumbling around and not getting much done....
Hooray, more of your collections. :-) And an example of your own Books of Spells. What fun it must be, to sit down (Oooops! You don't sit, do you? -grin-)... OK, to *stand up,* and leaf through your Spell Books from other years. :-)

Whooo-hoooo, that is a Halloween sky!!! And all your close-up photos are gorgous.

Oh babe, the Halloween Satanism book. Yeppers, there are a lot of scary people out there. Scared people, actually. -sigh- So too bad they don't ever do some real info-seeking on their own...

And ya' know, if I got my own Book Of Spells, I might finally do some real life journaling. Something I've never managed to do... Oh sure, have done lots on blogs. But not the tangible kind. :-)

amywiccae said…
Amazing Practical Magic Book of Shadows! Could you tell us how many "main" pages like the Spiritus page are there throughout the book?
Dionna Jacobs said…
I was wondering if you were selling this book? or can tell where you go it from?? if so you can message me at