Tudor Place

Everyone should be so lucky to work in such a beautiful place.  This is the main house (the museum) at Tudor Place.

This is the back entry to the house where my daughter's office is.

This path leads from her office house to the back of the main house.

Some of the history.

There are side paths leading to little hidden areas in the gardens.

The boxwood garden with a pergola in the back.


The back porch.

The man on the top right was a slave and took care of the gardens at Tudor Place for 44 years.  Tomorrow I will show you the inside of the main house.  It is very interesting.


OH OH OH!!! Thank you. I love, love, love pic tours.

What a beautiful place to be able to work. Your daughter is a lucky gal. And you help keep it going, with all your catering of fund raising events. :-) At least, I imagine, they are fund raising events.

Beautiful olden places like this, cost money to preserve and maintain. And it's so, so, so wonderful, when they are preserved.

Tomorrow, inside pics. Yessssssss!!!!

Can you see me doing a happy dance? Well, I am!!!

Anonymous said…
It is a beautiful place and must be very nice to work at. But I don't think I would like to live in such a house. Well I most probably would if I lived back then :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
Beautiful place! Lovely working place, I wish I worked in such environment, old looking building with lots of greenery around. And it is such an inspiring setting for a horror story.
Kelly said…
Can you imagine what it would cost to keep a private home like that today? Beautiful gardens. Love the path into the secluded spots.
Nellie said…
Gorgeous grounds and place to work!
Ina in Alaska said…
Lovely! What a peaceful place to work!!
Robin Larkspur said…
A beautiful place with so much greenery and nature. Delightfully maintained. Sounds like your daughter has a great job! Enviable.
Charming... your daughter is very lucky!
I love tours! Thanks for taking us along.
Now I am off to catch up on some of what I have missed!
I can already see piles of food down there...see ya!!
Anonymous said…
I would love to work there too, what gorgeous gardens and your pages are bursting with colour too joyce.. very autumnal! I am looking forward to tomorrow, much as i love the gardens i also love a good poke around in these stately homes.. c
Dog Trot Farm said…
How exciting it must be to work in such a lovely historic enviroment. Mr. Dog Trot and I am members of Historic New England, visiting places such as this is one of our favorite activities. How I would love to walk the grounds and absorb all it's rich history. Looking forward to part two. Greetings, Julie.
SharleneT said…
I have always wanted to be a docent at some museum and think I truly envy your daughter! I can't think of anything more wonderful than knowing that this is what was waiting for me at the end of my drive to work. It's wonderful that she includes you in this annual event and the folks can taste your outstanding food. Thanks for sharing.