A Thanksgiving Appetizer and The Tree

 If you are looking for a simple but very good appetizer to serve early on Thanksgiving day, try this one.  I went to a local Italian store for my ingredients but you could substitute almost any cheese and thinly sliced ham or pork.  You could use a horseradish flavored cheese and thinly sliced roast beef.  I used my french bread that I showed you the other day but you could just use a store bought baguette.

 This is the Cotta and Cocolo cheese that I used.  This is a new cheese for me.  It is made from cows milk and tastes a bit like Swiss.

 Slice the baguette into thin rounds and spread with garlic butter.

 Top with some shavings of the cheese and some of the meat.

 Broil until the cheese melts and top them with a bit of cranberry relish.  Then everyone will eat too many and not be hungry for Thanksgiving dinner.

 We headed out early yesterday to get our trees.  I have to admit I am enjoying this early Christmas decorating.  I really like having my tree up for Thanksgiving day.  The Blog Tech becomes a lumber jack.

 Teddy likes to get in on the action.

 That big tree is coming into our house?
 Come on Blog Tech, that tree can't be all that heavy!  Teddy ran and tried to bite him on the ankles.  Funny puppy!

 After the tree was carried into the house, Teddy did her job guarding the open doors.

 The shame of the tree stand!  I have put up many a Christmas tree in my time and had many fall over.  This is my most trusted tree stand. It is an old table from This End Up and it is quite heavy. I screwed the tree stand into the table and then further secured it with duct tape.  We put two heavy rocks on the bottom and then we are good to go.  It all gets covered with a beautiful tree skirt so the ugliness is hidden when the tree is finished.

 I did another good job of eyeballing the exact height.  I am sort of an idiot savant spatially.

 Perfect width too.  If you want a tall tree in a narrow space, raise the tree.  You get the height you want but without it being too wide. Also. remember that it opens up when you add lights and ornaments.

The lights are on and it is ready to decorate.  As soon as I get done baking 16 pies.  Don't freak out, the pumpkin pies are small.  Though I actually think they are more work than large ones!  I sad a lot of pie swears this morning.


Marina Pérez said…
OOOOOhhhhhhh I love your tree, marvellous. Congratulations

Margaret said…
How stunning it looks! Happy Thanksgiving! We are just getting back into the swing of things after the hurricane. Maggie/Maggie's Lil' Fixins
Ina in Alaska said…
Duct tape and a Suburban! You would fit right in here in Alaska!!

The tree is lovely, and your home sooo pretty and inviting. And Teddy tried to bite the Blog Tech, she is such a silly girl!!

It is ridiculous but I feel like I need to say... don't work too hard.... but you won't listen.... I do not know how you do it all... you are a wonder woman!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Joy said…
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Joyce! I just made 3 large tarts myself - pumpkin, pecan and apple/frangipane. More work to do before tomorrow. ;-)It's turkey time in Turkey.
Anonymous said…
What a beautifully shaped tree! I like the idea to put it a bit higher, I think that might stop Orvar from peeing on it if I get a bigger tree :-)

Those appetizers, I think I would love them :-)

Have a great day!
luckybunny said…
16 pies! LOL :) Too funny about the pie swears. I'm just getting ready to start mine. The tree looks beautiful, I love those lights. Teddy is adorable. I do happen to be looking for an easy but good appie so THANK YOU! :)
Patty Woodland said…
I'm like that too. I can look at a wall and point to dead center. Drives the husband crazy. He's stopped getting the tape measure out to check me 'cause he's learned after 30 years that I don't miss.

The tree looks great.
Anonymous said…
I love a woman that is not afraid to show a bit of ugliness, thats a beauty of a tree, I also like the look of the painting beside it, (hard to see but it intrigued me), I would be swearing a whole lot if I had to make all those pies!!
You got the tree, and it's lovely, already. :-)

16 small pumpkin pies! Yes Ma'am, you do your magic in your kitchen. No doubt about it.

Here, I just have to make one pumpkin pie (done) and one apple pie (next). and I'm tired already. -grin-

Enjoy Thanksgiving!
2 Tramps said…
You have me thinking about getting some pie baked up here, too. We are going to go cut our tree in the mountains tomorrow morning.
Duct tape? Red Green would be so proud of you. And of your lumberjack son.
You are fabulous Joyce - wish I had your energy - Thanksgiving and Christmas wrapped into one! Beautiful tree, can't wait to see it all dolled up.
Robin Larkspur said…
The tree is gorgeous, such a great shape!! That looks like a lot of light strings!! Looking forward to seeing it all dolled up!
Good for Teddy keeping that Blog Tech moving, lol!
rest up really well tonight because you will be on your feet all day tomorrow!! Take care, and have a superior and delicious Thanksgiving.
Dog Trot Farm said…
I love people who are willing to share secrets and wonderful recipes. Thank you. Have a lovely Thanksgiving Day, give Teddy a scratch for me. I'm still in the kitchen. Greetings from Maine, Julie.
always goodies.....love um.
great REAL Christmas Trees. i love the lights. i love lights of the night.

Happy Thanksgiving Jaz.

Barb said…
Your tee is beautiful Have a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for all your wonderful recipes!
About six years ago we had a huge tree fall over right onto my beloved piano..the marks are still there! Tape that baby tight..whatever it takes. Not much worse at Christmas then a fallover tree. Right? Right? :)