America at It's Best and a Sausage Stuffed Pancake Muffin Recipe

Teddy is very pleased with the election results and is very proud of our country.

Americans can be very hypocritical.  Our fundamental values are based on diversity but look how we have treated our Native Americans.  They are still treated worse than any minority in this country.

Interestingly, white Americans are quickly becoming the minority.  Romney was an example of how bad we have become.  He is the whitest Republican the party could find to run.  What does any blue collar American have in common with a rich guy like Romney unless he can give them hope that white supremacy will remain?  Romney and Ryan basically promised that gays will be repressed along with blacks, Asians and Latinos. Women will have no say about their own bodies and BTW, rich people will have to pay less taxes than the common working stiff.

America is supposed to be the melting pot. Why are so many Americans so intolerant of anyone different than themselves?

I am not saying that we all have to love or even like each other. But I do think as a country to be true to our values, we must be tolerant. Stop being fearful people, accept change.  Hey, just my opinion but I also believe in freedom of blog speech.  And I might be starting too soon but....Hillary for President!!!

This is a really fun recipe and I bet little kids would love these.  Make your favorite pancake batter.

Fry some breakfast sausage.

Grease muffin tins and fill the bottom half with batter. Top with pieces of the cooked sausage.

Cover with more batter.  Bake at 350 degrees until muffins are set.  It takes about 25 minutes.

Serve with maple syrup.  These can be frozen and defrosted just before eating.


Marjorie said…
I totally agree with your comments about Romney and am very relieved about the results of the election. I just hope Congress will work with the President this term.
Patty Woodland said…
I think Hillary is done with politics. Elizabeth Warren might just be the first female president.
Yes! And congratulations!
Edgar said…
Bravo!! and I love these muffins, my mom made these all the time when we were kids! Thanks the nudge about my past.
Teddy is amazing, but then you already knew that. ;-)

I wish Hillary would run.

Great recipe, I'm going to make with ham, sausage doesn't agree with me.

Happy day to you and Teddy.
Suzie said…
Well said! I totally agree with everything you pointed out! And then to follow it up with a nice tummy treat. .perfection!!!
PansWife said…
Hillary and Elizabeth Warren = my personal dream team.

Anonymous said…
Very good post today!
And Teddy is as cute as ever :-)

Have a great day!

Barbara F. said…
My only gripe is, I have low tolerance for freeloaders. I won't get into it but things need to change with the amount of people receiving checks and handouts while bodies are able.....anyhoo, I really didn't care for either candidate but did vote for El Presidente (didn't in 2008). He had better really bring it this time and tweak those policies. God bless America! United we stand. xo
Robin Larkspur said…
I am relieved, after a very sleepless night, that Obama is still the President. I think, and hope, that with four more years he can accomplish a lot. I could not bear Romney's harsh treatment of social issues. We would have returned to the Dark Ages!
I have a feeling Hilary is going to be retiring from politics before the next election.
Your pancake sausage muffins look terrific, what a treat for a snowy weekend!!
Teddy is the perfect spokesdog!
I think Blogger just ate my comment so let me just say that you are right and Teddy is very politically astute.
littlemancat said…
Well said, it's a good day! Let's hope the terrible and uncivil attitude toward our President departs! One can only hope.
Nellie said…
Couldn't believe that WE, usually in bed snoozing before 11:00, actually stayed up long enough to hear his speech! I had been really worried about this one! And - appropriate recipe for celebrating! Perhaps I'll save it for when we have people in to watch the Inauguration. Thanks!
Kelly said…
Great post. Visiting with my Mom in FL, keep in mind she doesn't vote (religious reasons) but I have to say she is the biggest Republican I have ever met. Ready to head to Maine. More tolerant there. Pleased with the election outcome. Would like to see Hillary run but don't think she will. She looks really tired. One of the smartest women I have ever seen. Have to look into the other lady for future. Much Love.
capecodgirl565 said…
It makes me wonder how well anyone who bashes Romney with impunity really knows the man. We know very little about the real obama, because for some reason he feels the need to keep his past under lock and key, and has paid millions in doing so. I know the economy is drastically worse than it was and we have saddled our children and grandchildren with an enormous debt to pay. When it is all said and done, the one thing I do know about obama is that while our Americans in Benghazi where screaming for help, begging for someone to help save their lives, obama watched in real time, declined help, went to bed, woke up, lied to the American people about the cause of the attack and left to campaign in Vegas. That is all I need to know of such a man to know he is cold as a very cold stone. How is New York faring after his 3 hour photo op with Christy in NJ? I honestly don't know how people can continue to give him a pass. Record unemployment, record food stamp recipients, 1 in 6 living in poverty, and record numbers on disability once their unemployment ran out. We know have gutted medicare to pay for obamacare, which, indeed if you actually read the bill, rations and in some cases, denies care, but if that is your America, I guess that is your opinion. Yes, America is a melting pot, my grandparents were immigrants from Poland, but when they arrived here they went to work and worked hard to provide for their families. They weren't waiting for handouts or allowing themselves to be used as political pawns. I am truly sad to see where we have come as a nation, but the only thing I can do is pray that this great country endures. As for Hillary Clinton, seriously? She has prostituted herself and lived with Bill's very public infidelity and piggish behavior just to get ahead politically. This is your idea of a strong woman? Again, big disagreement there. I regret all this since I have really enjoyed your blog, but, since you brought it up...
Anonymous said…
tell us how you really feel Joyce, ha ha h a,,good for you!! At least you speak your mind!!

Those sausage pancake muffins look delicious, handy to have some in the freezer!!!
Michele said…
Very well said. Now everyone start working together and imagine what we can accomplish.
Go Hillary! You CANNOT believed how THRILLED I am that Elizabeth Warren is my United States senator!!! How about NH - an all female team! And Wisconsin electing a openly gay female for U.S. Senator!!! The times are a changing - thank goodness!

Love the recipe too! :-)
Guillaume said…
Congratulations for voting for the best candidate and for giving the free world the best leader in a long while.

Romney and Ryan were indeed twats.
Congrats on the reelection!:) Must say, also have a soft spot for the first lady, she is cool!
I loved your words on tolerance; so with you; a basis for mutual respect, understanding one another.
All the best to you guys :)
ha...i think capecodgirl has been watching a little too much Fox News! Bless her heart.
We are very pleased over here with the election results:)
jody said…
i am just glad the decision has been made and now lets just get on with it! your muffin cakes look wonderful! another to add to my to make list! teddy of course is just tooo dang cute and soo photogenic!! must be nice teddy! enjoy your evening!!
petoskystone said…
You said it, Lazy Peacock! Those muffins look delicious...with our unexpected snowfall, they would certainly warm up the belly as well as the kitchen.
Candace said…
Here, here -- well spoken and yummy muffins!
wow- you are the one who sounds racist by your comments. And by the way, what he has in common with blue collar america is providing jobs for them. And Obama- is he poor? really?
Ina in Alaska said…
Well Hilary is going to retire.

I say NJ Gov. Chris Christie in 2016!!!
Deb said…
Agree completely with Lazy Peacock. Obama most certainly did not create the financial catastrophe he inherited in 2008. Such nonsense.

Love your muffins. Similar to our English Toad in the Hole!
Barbara F. said…
Ina in Alaska, I am soooooo with you!!!! CHRISTIE 2016 xo
Ashling said…
Oh dear! Well, good for you not deleting the nastier comments. I joined you in celebrating, not only that Romeny lost but because Obama winning again says something intrinsically hopeful and expansive about this country. And I'm glad we can breathe a sigh of relief and move on!
Guillaume said…
Romney and Ryan lost because they followed their party and wanted a war on women, a war on gays, a war on free thinkers, a war on freedom lovers. Plain and simple. I always find it funny that Ryan accused Obama of being against judeo-Christian values of small government (WTF?). Ryan being a Catholic (like I was as a child, but I grew up), he should know that the most invading, the most interventionist, the biggest government in the world with the biggest bureaucracy in the world is called the Catholic Church
Karin said…
I totally agree on MILLION percent about Romney. I was SOOOO relieved he did not get elected!
YOU, my dear Joyce, are a dream come true for me. I keep silent and sometimes it is harder to do than it was having seven babies, by that I mean, MORE PAINFUL.

I am so afraid of stepping on someones toes that I really like. But..they do not seem to have the same consideration for those that do not agree with them politically or regiously! Now...can you see why your post today moved me to tears? Am I repressed..yes. is my own fault.
I guess I just value friendship more than they do.
Thank you for this feeling of delight at your bravery and honesty. It's seemed pretty one sided on here until today.
Sending you a HUGE hug!
p.s. Oh.. :) another GREAT recipe for my loose leaf binder!
You are one of that particular breed of wealthy people who doesn't get that this is a class war not a race war, and are happy to perpetuate the status quo for their own benefit.
I find it interesting that people like Capecodgirl565 can sound off..which you were gracious enough to print..but she has no blog or email address to be contacted. Yep. Gee, Joyce, can you live without her?? :)
Some can dish it out but cannot take it.
lynney62 said…
I'm glad the election is over. I was planning on voting for Obama again (as I did in '08) but after my party tried desperately to remove all traces of God from their platform......I just couldn't stomach it. I've been a Democrat all my life but feel now like my beloved party has "left" me behind.
AutumnRose said…
I think Hilary is just getting tired. She is the same age as I am, and her schedule would kill me. I would love to see her run, but Elizabeth Warren is a good choice too. I think many of the problems facing folks are of their own doing. I have a "relative" who maxed out at least 4 or 5 credit cards on expensive toys, they own 2 SUV's and 2 jet skis and a motorcycle, but now that thet are having to declare bankruptcy, it's "the presidents" fault. No personal responsibility.

Also, I try not to let religion enter my decisions, but when I educated myself on Mormonism, and found out God is a human man who lives on another planet, and both Jesus and God were polygamists, I had to wonder if someone who believes this is a good person to have his finger on the nuclear button.
Anonymous said…
So glad I stopped by so I can be heard too! By the way, everything you make looks as yummy as it can possibly be. If Hillary is tired, let's get Warren and Claire McCaskil (sp?) Anyway, because I am a Christian, I am a democrat. Simply because I believe Jesus when He said to treat your neighbor as yourself. He also said that the way you treat the least of us is the way you treat me. He was letting us know that we are One and we are here for each other as well as ourselves. Obama and the democratic party share those tenets from Jesus. Just saying.
Shannon said…
In addition to being adorable, your Teddy is rather politically well informed. Also, your sausage cakes look amazing!

I've enjoyed reading and enjoying your blog for awhile, so I nominated you for the Sunshine Award:

There's no pressure though. Just letting you know up front since some folks aren't into awards. :o)