Christmas Decorating

 I started Christmas decorating really early this year.  My daughter has two events during the first week of December so I need to cook for over one hundred people twice in one week.  Normally it would not be such a big deal but with decorating, baking and getting Christmas presents ready, I decided I better get as much done as soon as possible.  Plus, I have Thanksgiving to do too!

 I usually use fresh greens for my decorating but they would be dead too soon since I am starting this early. I hate to spend a fortune on things which are out in the elements because there is no good way to clean them.  I figured I would hit the thrift stores to see what I could find.  I also dug through boxes of old silk flowers which I used over the years on my Christmas trees.

 I pulled out old swags of cheap ivy too.  It mixes well with fake pine.

 These two trees are lighted trees I found at the thrift store for 1.49 each and then added silk flowers and bulbs.  This is a great way to use old glass bulbs which have seen better days.  Plus, you can find bags of them at thrift stores for next to nothing.

 I started at the middle on top and just filled in as I went along.

 I like to make it heavier at the top and then taper down and then make it full again on the bottom.  Dollar stores are a good cheap source for silk flowers too.

 I found some other trees at the thrift store and thought I would make a small tree for The Blog Tech's new house.

 I covered it with leaves, holly and flowers.

 Then I added branches of berries.  This tree also lights up and it cost 1.99.

 This wreath was 99 cents.

 These trees are fiber optic and I paid 3.99 each. They will decorate a table at my daughter's events.  I will also make tree skirts for them.

 After playing with the wreath it looked like this.

 Perfect for the front door.

 It's not done yet but it is getting there.

On the other hand, my house looks like Christmas exploded in it.


Patty Woodland said…
Well, that's a good kind of explosion.
Wow, your house looks beautiful!
greekwitch said…
I love those lanterns! Your door looks like a fairy's door and the entrance has a royal theme! I love it!
Wow, you are a wild decorator! So much done, and still so much to do... With the Dec. events and all. Plus Thanksgiving.

But you have pep-to-spare. You'll get it all done!!! And have fun, doing it. Which is the best part.
Anonymous said…
looks great, I like that your'e using what you have and thrift shop finds, saves the land fill,,you have a great house to decorate, I love that front door, it looks old, I like that, its an interesting design and look like it has authentic age to it,
Robin Larkspur said…
Love the way you deck the halls!!
Guillaume said…
It may be a bit early, but on a grey November I love to see Christmas decorations.
Wow that looks amazing, I have not given Christmas a thought. Just the two of us does not take much thinking about :-) Have a good weekend Diane
Megs said…
Very beautiful! I start scouring the thrift shops for Christmas stuff as soon as they set it out!
Dog Trot Farm said…
Just lovely...I am still drooling over your guest house. I can see you are a very talented lady with lots and lots of energy! Your secret please!!! I would be a nervous wreck if I had to cook for a hundred people, organization has to be the key. Looking forward to seeing photos of your beautiful home when adorned for Christmas. Have a lovely evening, Julie.
PansWife said…
Have you ever done a post on your stained glass windows? I'm squinting myself silly here trying to see them on either side of the front door. I would love a view of the light coming through them. I have a similar front door and have thought about using stained glass instead of the clear for years. Please inspire me.
luckybunny said…
It's never too early is it? OK, well not in November anyway :) Gorgeous decorations, the door looks beautiful!
Barb said…
Your door always looks beautiful no matter the season!
Chris said…
So fabulous! I love the chartreuse poinsettias. Lovely colors.
It all looks lovely! I like the big front door wreath in particular.
Ina in Alaska said…
Many great decorating tips today! Your front door area looks fabulous!
Just lovely, Joyce! I am itching to get mine all decorated but am holding off until the 23rd to take the pumpkins to the trash. (YOU would probably cook them! ) :)
I have NOT a clue what to do with the front this year. Last year I put a Christmas tree on the front porch. Wired it so it wouldn't blow away ..and I really liked it. Lots of trouble though. NOT a single idea for this year. Wait!
Maybe tiny tree's do NOT have a fabulous front porch like won't work.
I ..MUST think on this! (she said wisely!)