Christmas Wreathes

I just made this wreath for The Blog Tech's cottage this morning.

 Wreathes are so easy to make and lots of fun too.  Plus, they are much cheaper than buying pre-made ones.  This wreath is going to be on his front door close to a main street and the chances of it being stolen are high.  Therefore, I did not want to put much money into it at all.  I started with a plain evergreen wreath and added an outdoor ribbon bow, a few pine cones and some gold bling.

 I added one big green silk poinsettia, a few gold bulbs and some glittery green sprigs.

 As soon as the Christmas pics go on sale I buy them up to use for the next year.  I literally pay 25 cents a piece for them. I buy bulbs at the thrift stores where you can get them for pennies. This wreath cost about 13.00 to make.  The fresh wreath was 9.99 so you can see how little went into the decorations.

 A closeup of the Christmas tree just because I was passing by it.

 These retro wreaths are fun.  I made a bunch of them last year and gave most of them away.  I buy grapevine wreathes at thrift stores for around a dollar. Even if they have tacky flowers on them you can pull them off and use the wreath.  The thrift stores usually have bags of old tinsel garlands like the one I used here to cover the grapevine.  If you click and enlarge this photo, you will see that I used vintage ornaments from the thrift store.  Dollar store also have cheap garland and bulbs which work just as well.

 I made this one with red sparkly garland.

 Young adults seem to really like these campy, vintage looking wreathes.

 One year I made a simple red bulb wreath on fresh evergreen.

I always put one Santa on my tree.


Anonymous said…
thats a lovely Santa, it looks old.
The blog tech is a lucky young man, I love the wreaths with the old christmas balls, I have one i made years past and its still my fav, you do have a talent for this for sure, looks wonderful, your tree just glows, it shimmers, its lovely, I love the icicles too!
Patty Woodland said…
It's very sad that wreaths will be stolen from front doors. Very, very sad.
Anonymous said…
I wasn't planning on making any wreaths this year but when I saw Your I changed my mind :-) They have after all cut down lots of spruces in the forest a few weeks ago so I think I can pick some branches there now.

By the way, it looks very Swedish in the style! I sold lots of wreaths looking much like that one :-)

Have a great day!
Nellie said…
How busy you've been! I've just switched out the china in the china cabinet. Oh - and added the poinsettias in the foyer.
Guillaume said…
Oh I LOVE those pics!
I like those retro vintage wreaths too -- very cool.
Kelly said…
Ted promised me that we would go into the woods and pick greenery for a couple of wreaths. Our tree is up but not decorated yet. He picked up 800ft of garland for the fence. I hope to get more done tomorrow. The tree is beautiful and so are your wreaths. Hope Bev is feeling a bit better.
I love wreaths!! I need to get a new one for my door. Thanks for the inspiration. Great blog by the way :)
Barb said…
The Blog Tech is such a lucky young man. I do love all the wreaths, especially the vintage looking ones. Your tree is beautiful. Did I spot some blown glass ornaments?
luckybunny said…
The wreaths are beautiful and I love your tree ornaments, so, so, pretty.
I realized you had not posted today. Then I realized I had not read your last post. Duhhhh me. ,-)

Well, I still hope all is fine, in your neck of the woods, because it is a bit late, for a post from you.

I KNOW! Must not get so hyper, as to wonder, at someone not posting on a day! I know! I know!

Love all the pics, but especially, the closeup of the Christmas tree, just because you were passing by it!!!

Ina in Alaska said…
My favorites are the vintage wreaths. They are so cool!!!

Sad about the possibility that the Blog Tech's wreath may be stolen. Bah Humbug!

Moose find wreaths very tasty!!

One of my friends had 2 old children's sleds as decor in front of her house - she had found them at a garage sale, well anyway she had them all decorated up for the holidays & someone stole both of them!!!!