Happy Thanksgiving

 Have a piece of pecan pie!

 I made pecan brittle to top the pumpkin pies.

 The Blog Tech thought it looked like puke.

 I baked some huge potatoes for the mashed potatoes.


 I made 14 small pumpkin pies which will be topped with whipped cream and the pecan brittle.

 While things were cooking and baking, I worked on the tree.  I keep decorations in these vintage Christmas boxes.

 I just finished the tree this morning so I will show pics of it tomorrow.

 The big potatoes made lots of mashed potatoes.

 When I make my turkey, I rub butter under the skin.

Then I line it with sage leaves.  It self bastes as it cooks.  I will get pics of the finished bird when it comes out of the oven in another few hours.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Please send some positive energy to Bev when you have time.  My sweet friend is not doing very well.


Anonymous said…
I remember Your Christmas trees from earlier years and they look like what we call Disney trees :-) We love them but rarely manages to make them look like that ourselves :-)

I must admit that the Blog Tech has a point there about the brittle :-) :-) :-) But I guess it tastes delicious! I've never tasted either that or pecan pie.

Have a great day!
Laurie said…
Happy Thanksgiving, I'm sending all the positive energy I can to Bev!!!!
Patty Woodland said…
I love pecan pie. All that sugar....

Have a wonderful day. All my good thoughts are headed Bev's way.
Robin Larkspur said…
Those spuds are ENORMOUS!
Love your little punkin pies!
I will let you know about the gravy soon!
I just made one big punkin pie.
Guillaume said…
Happy Thanksgiving! I had pumpkin pies ages ago, I'd love to try it again. And I haven't had pecan pies in a long while too. I am hungry now.
Kelly said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Puke...what the hay? I bet he ate it anyway and said how wonderful it was. Anything with pecans is wonderful. Much Love.
Dee said…
That looks wonderful. Have a good Thanksgiving with your family. And thank you for your blog.
Sara said…
Happy Thanksgiving. Looks delicious.
Ina in Alaska said…
I am digesting our Thanksgiving feast (I made all family favorites) as I enjoy your post. I remembered to keep my camera handy so there will be a few pictures on my next post.

Everything looks wonderful. Love the little individual pumpkin pies! Bet they were tasty!

I never thought of baking potatoes for mashing! Good idea!

I would like to have your energy!!!

I miss Bev & send lots of positive energy to her.
The Blog Tech has probably done enough drunken partying to know whereof he speaks.