Thanksgiving Day and The Tree

 I think the tree is finally done...I think. Teddy has already placed one of her toys under it.

 I thought I would show a bit of what we had for Thanksgiving dinner.  This is the only stuffing we have ever made for Thanksgiving.  We cube stale homemade bread, add lots of onions and celery, Bell's seasoning (lots of it), salt & pepper, eggs and melted butter.

 Mix it all together and cook it in a casserole.  I haven't stuffed a bird in years.

 I roasted the Brussel sprouts in olive oil and salt and pepper.

 I made herb dinner rolls.

 Here is the turkey straight out of the oven.

 You can see the sage right under the skin.

 Curried pearl onions.

 Teddy polished off a big bowl of turkey with gravy.

 More please?

 A piece of pecan pie.  I sent some pies and rolls to The Blog Tech's girlfriends family.  I also send a whole platter of everything to an old friend who's parents died this year. He just married a woman from Cambodia and this was her first American Thanksgiving food.

 Now I need to get started on my daughter's event.  We have two of them 5 days apart during the first week of December.

 I got a few other areas decorated as well.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Patty Woodland said…
We had a lovely time at our friend's house and they sent me home with the turkey carcass! Now that is what I call a gift!
Yes, we did have a lovely Thanksgiving, thank you. :-) As you certainly had.

Love the tree, with blinds closed. So the lights really twinkle. Love all the decorating.

And now, you can concentrate on your Daughter's events!!!

And yet again, you did your magic, by making/giving lovely food presents, to people. The full dinner for the friend and his new wife, was especially sweet.

Gentle hugs,
Anonymous said…
I would have loved that food :-)

Yes You definitely have a Disney tree, perfect shape, lots of lights and it's sparkling, very beautiful!

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
You have a beautifully decorated tree...lovely.
Anonymous said…
You have a beautifully decorated tree...lovely.
Nellie said…
Everything looks good enough to eat!:)
Joyce, everything looks absolutely beautiful! I bet your Thanksgiving dinner was amazing. How thoughtful of you to send a meal to friends! Oh, your tree is just stunning! Have a great weekend!
Cynnn said…
Can you put a recipe up for the curried pearl onions
Cynnn said…
Can you post the recipe for the curried pearl onions.
Cynnn said…
Can you put a recipe up for the curried pearl onions
luckybunny said…
Your tree is gorgeous and your meal looks wonderful as is to be expected! Teddy looks very happy and thankful, and would be even more so if the plate was refilled!
Barb said…
The food looks delicious and the decorating quite beautiful!!
Ina in Alaska said…
The food looked totally delicious! I am sure the Blog Tech's GF's family loved their pies & rolls. Those Brussels sprouts look very yummy. Such an easy way to make them.

The house looks very Christmassy! Just lovely!

Have fun with the 2 upcoming events! Will look forward to the report(s)!
Dog Trot Farm said…
Hi Joyce, everything looks just lovely at your beautiful home, especially those rolls, yum! I myself an just coming out of a turkey and pie coma!!!Have a great weekend, Julie.
Aisha said…
I love your tree, one day your going to have to do a home tour. It looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing
Beautiful house and delicious food -- and even some turkey for Teddy!
Your pecan pies look amazing. The decorating looks lovely as well.
jody said…
everything of course looks wonderful! when i was cleaning the turkey i had a pile for kitties, dogs and us! enjoy your weekend! love your tree and all!
Birgit said…
Oh my gosh -- your Christmas tree is amazing!!! :)
Ok...this year I am going to add more lights to our tree! I mean a LOT MORE! LOVELY, Joyce! Just beautiful..
chickpea678 said…
Joyce, it's so magical and beautiful and cozy.