The Guest House Continued

 Thank you everyone for all of the good wishes for Bev.  I will keep you posted and please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  It has been a week since the party and I am still posting about it.  I will wrap it up soon and then show you The Blog Tech's new house.  Then I will start posting recipes again.  I have been cooking throughout all of this.
  This is one of the twin front doors at the guest house.

 I sat some of the Halloween decorations I made around the front porch.

 The front porch.

 The fallen leaves were the perfect decoration for the party...and free!

 The chairs were covered in leaf cushions.

 The serpent weathervane on the roof.

 And the griffin weathervane.

The night of the party we build a roaring fire in the outside fireplace.  More tomorrow...I think we will finally make it to the party!


Ina in Alaska said…
I am shaking, I am so upset about Bev. I feel like I just got punched in the face. It is funny how bloggers are, even if you never meet the blogger in person you feel like you are friends. Some people don't "get" it. I sent Bev a message. What a terrible blow.

You are the epitome of gracious witchy living, Jaz. And of witchy love and concern for your family and friends.
What ambiance, for a Halloween Party! And I'm sure the food, was fantastic too.

But since I am so curtailed with what I can eat, I am really enjoying these house tours. (Instead of recipes) REally, really enjoying them!

So I can't wait for the next tour to start.

Well, yes, I can wait. Till all is posted about the Party!!! :-)

And hope you enjoy the Trick or Treating tonight. Hope all your work (on what you hand out), will be worth the effort.

Joyce, this is so lovely, I especially like the outdoor fireplace - I now have fireplace envy! LOL!!!

Keeping Bev in my prayers.
Nellie said…
An amazing setting for your party!
Patty Woodland said…
The goats would love all those leaves!
I hope Bev is doing well
Robin Larkspur said…
Love that griffin weathervane! Great porch and yard and fireplace......great everything!!!
Anonymous said…
Those weathervanes are just soo cool! I'll see if I can find anything like it over here. The best I've seen sold here was a huge vulture :-) :-) :-)

I get the feeling that the guest house is rather big, am I right? I do like it a lot!

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
love the hinges on the door and he weather vanes!!
Anonymous said…
I absolutely Love the front porch, with those gorgeous wicker chairs, I am deeply envious.. have a lovely weekend joyce.. c
i love this house :D i think the porch alone is bigger then this house :p
Phoebe said…
Naturally wonderful... the true magic of the season has graciously provided all the little things that help create a simply bewitching autumn home. An overwhelmingly enchanted homemaker doesn't hurt, either! Always an inspiration, thank you!
Barb said…
That is the perfect place for a Halloween party!
Nancy said…
What lovely photos. I so love Fall and the colors everything wears as the trees let go of their leaves. Your home and surroundings look just beautiful. Thanks for saying you will keep us up to date on Bev. This feels like a major punch in the face. Too many people I care about so very ill. I wrote her a note but don't expect an answer, not yet anyway.