Thinking About Thanksgiving

 Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year.  The colors of Fall are almost gone and the starkness of the landscape makes me want to take long drives in the country.  Teddy likes to visit "the big puppies".  She almost lost it when she saw this one.

 I usually decorate for Thanksgiving but not this year.  I have a very busy December in front of me so I've decided that the sooner I get a jump on Christmas the better.

 In fact, as soon as I finish this post, I am starting on the front door.

 I am in the mood to do a fabulous front door this year so it should take me a few days to complete it.

 So, I will have to get my Thanksgiving fix from all of your blogs.

 And looking at some of my favorite Thanksgiving photos from over the years.

 And once in a while I will take a break and rock in my rocker.

 And watch a fire flicker in the fire pit.

 My turkeys will stay tucked away this year.

 No soup in the tureen.  I am making Thanksgiving dinner though.

 Hopefully next year will be less hectic.

 And the pilgims will come out once again.

This year I let the turkeys get me down.


Ina in Alaska said…
I am glad to see that you occasionally stop swirling around and sit in the rocker.

quite chilly here in ANC for the dogs to take their usual walks but we forge on as we can. We also use the car more and more for outings - sometimes we see moose - and the dogs enjoy car rides.

I need to get Halle new booties. She has worn her old ones out and she, of all my dogs, still enjoys the walks very much!
Patty Woodland said…
I don't know what I'm doing for this year. I'm thinking I'll get a Hutterite turkey more so I can have the bones for stock than for having the bird for dinner. Is that crazy?
Yes, you Americans certainly have to do a fast turnaround between Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm glad we Canadians get Thanksgiving out of the way, so to speak, in early October.
Nellie said…
Just be sure you don't place unrealistic expectations on yourself. Take time for that rocker - often!:)
Our Thanksgiving is going to be tame this year - compared to last years! We're going to my sister & brother-in-law's in Bedford, NH. I'm bringing a small banquet with me though! LOL!!!

Lovely photos! Looking forward to seeing your front door!
Anonymous said…
I would imagine its a lot of work decorating for all the different seasons when you have collections the size of your!! Your front door sounds intriguing!!Can't wait to see it!
Robin Larkspur said…
Looking forward to seeing your fab front door decorated! I have not done much fall decorating, just too hard with kittens and lots going on with my brother.
But T'giving dinner will be the usual. Have fun decorating. I am glad you enjoy the rocking chair, as do I. I do my best thinking in a rocker.
Anonymous said…
Great photographs today! Especially the first one!

No decorating here yet, not until first of advent. Well some will put up the outdoor lights this weekend but the electric candlesticks and yule decorations won't come up until the Saturday before first of advent.

Have fun decorating!
Kelly said…
We didn't even get to decorate for Halloween this year. I missed our giant black cat. Someone stole my pumpkins. I just got in a funk. Please email me with some info on your orange and green pots on the stove. They are beautiful. Please take some time to rock and watch the fire on chilly nights.
Love the pots on your stove!
Barb said…
I also love this time of year. We are going to see our Grandson for Christmas this year so that decorating will be simple. I am having nine people for Thanksgiving, that's not too many but I will not decorate for Christmas till Thanksgiving is over.
Those pots on your stove are gorgeous! (As is your mixer.) It's finally getting cool here is Southern California. Finally! I hope it lasts.
I can't wait to see your front door. It's a Christmas door? :)
The more little bits and pieces I get to see of your home..the more I love it. I try to put it altogether in my head..the fantastic gate, the front walkway,
the yard in back..the tiny peeks at the kitchen, the rocker today :)
Every corner I see ...well, one shouldn't get so excited over a home..but I do! I LOVE to see beautiful homes and never tire of one that have unusual and beautiful elements to them like yours does..
Guillaume said…
We don't have Thanksgiving in November, in fact we don't have it at all in the UK, so November is a long, long month.
Nancy said…
Your photos are always wonderful. Love the green and orange pumpkin dutch ovens and that 6 burner stove is to die for!