A Little Christmas Hockey Eye Candy and Crock Pot Candied Pecans

For all of you hockey lovers that are as disappointed in this season as I am, I will share something that I received from the Czech Republic.  This card came in yesterday's mail.

Damn if Jaromir is not aging well. Click to enlarge.

I am good friends with Jagr and his family though I rarely see them anymore since he left the NHL.

I really miss them.

Teddy is not sure what to do in the snow.

She seems to forget she is a chow chow and supposed to adore snow.

I keep seeing this recipe on pinterest and finally made it yesterday.

If you like those candied almonds that are sold in cones, try this recipe:  http://detrimentalbeauty.com//?s=almonds&search=Go


Patty Woodland said…
Yummy I am sure.
Are they playing hockey this year?
Guillaume said…
You are a friend with Jaromir Jagr? The things we learn and the people we "meet" through blogging!
Anonymous said…
Now I'm a bit jealous :-) He's one of the biggest hockey player ever according to me :-)

I'm not a big fan of candied almonds so I think I'll skip these :-) But I couldn't stay away from my presents from You, so I opened one of them and I'm happy :-) it was the chocolate covered coffee beans and I'm happy :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

And Teddy is as cute as ever :-) We're having another snow stiorm here right now and it will continue all nig´ht and at least all morning tomorrow.
John'aLee said…
I'm not into hockey, but I do still want to steal your dog. That pic could be a Hallmark card. So girlie, do you have a Pinterest accout? If so, I want to follow!
Lucky you! Great card, he is nice looking.

Oh Teddy, she is a hoot! Beautiful stairs and poinsettias.

My middle grandson is playing hockey this year in Scotland. The Fife Flyers. Yes, Scotland.
Megs said…
You know Jagr? How cool! We are big hockey fans, and, with the other Philly sports teams tanking, we needed the Flyers this year. Oh, we'll.
This is just the "hockey fix" that I needed, thanks! How awesome that you know Jaromir Jagr and his family, that's so cool.
Barb said…
So glad to see you got some snow! Teddy looks so cute. Thanks for that recipe. My husband loves those almonds.

Teddy knows exactly what to do in snow! Pee and then get out of it as fast as you can!
I love almonds but they are just a bit hard for me to chew. They do sound good though.
Unfortunately I don't know Hockey well at all. What a handsome man he is though.
I love the way the snow has clung to the tops of those gold ball finials on your front porch! Sweet!
Typically, the 'older' version of the male, is better than the 'younger' version. ,-)

Pooooor Tedddddy... I'll take that delightful snow covering over here Teddy. Just send it along. :-)

Happy Christmas Eve...

Happy Christmas...

Oh, do you have your Christmas Day Dinner planned, yet? -gigggggles-
luckybunny said…
LOL this cracked me up, your "damn if he's not aging well" comment is a riot. How fun is that! Love the pictures of Teddy. Those nuts are so awesome, mine were eaten up in less than 24 hours LOL.