Broken Computer 3

Hi all!  My computer is still at the shop.  I am hoping it will be fixed today.  Be sure you take care when cleaning your screen and don't make this mistake!  It is costly....660.00 for a new screen!  UGH! At least we are supposed to get more snow tomorrow and that makes me very happy!  I hope to be back soon.


Patty Woodland said…
Oh dear. Well I do hope you get it back soon. It's snowing here today too
Anonymous said…
Hadn't it been cheaper to buy a new computer?

I'll cross my fingers so You'll get it tomorrow!

Joyce, would you tell us exactly what you did, to fry your screen? That way, it would help more people, to not do, whatever it was, that you did...

Please and thank you.
Oh, bless, not fun : ( glad you are sorting it out though, all the best. enjoy the snow and look forward to your posts - happy new year!! x Ozlem
Nellie said…
No snow here. Ouch! The total for that computer repair is painful!
That's what you get for being a clean freak, eh? Enjoy all that snow in the meantime!
Dog Trot Farm said…
$660.00 for a new computer screen? Did you run this by the Blog Tech?LOL Well, whatever it takes to get you back to blogging, I'm curious to see what's been cooking in your kitchen! Happy New Year, Julie.
You must have a laptop. Otherwise you could just by a new monitor. Maybe I don't want a laptop after all. :) Hope you are up and running again soon!