I Am Back

I am finally back up and running!  Here are some photos from my Christmas Morning.  Teddy is looking for her presents.

My kids still love to dive into their toys!

Teddy keeps searching.

She found and killed Santa quickly.

Then she got into her bones.

What do you mean, mama?  I don't have dirt all over my face.  I did not just hide that new bone.  Click to see the dirty face.

Then it was on to bone number 2! 

We are waiting for more snow to arrive here.  I am loving and cherishing every single flake!


Glad to see you back.
Teddy has such a"I'm not guilty" face - she is so cute.
Our Tiffi had to help unwrap all presents before she could tuck into her bone. She just loves tearing paper!
Hope you have a good time tomorrow and I wish you a Happy New Year!
Robin Larkspur said…
Yahooey, you are back! Glad the computer problems is fixed.
Enjoy the snow!
Jan said…
Great news!!! Love Teddy...I just want to give her a big hug everytime I see a photo with her in it :)

You have such a lovely home...warm and inviting~~~

Anonymous said…
I'm glad You're back again :-)

Tedyy is just too cute :-) None of my dogs buries their bones, the risk is to big that one of the others will find it and eat it :-)

I'm glad that You finally got snow and lots of it too :-)

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
so cute to see teddy bury bones, our buck did it with imaginary dirt too!
I must tell you I miss Bev so much on Sundays, more than any day.I always read her Scripture Sundays, I'm not a religious person per say but the inspiration she gave was heart warming, I miss her, glad you're back up and running, take care dear Joyce,
Megs said…
I am glad to see you back,and Teddy is so cute- I would spoil her if she were my dog.
petoskystone said…
It's a determined girl to bury a bone in December!
It looks like you had a fabulous Christmas! Teddy looks very happy with her gifts too!

My hubby has been outside ALL DAY with the snow blower . . . I'll gladly send you 18" of snow!!! I really only like a dusting . . . some New Englander I am!
MandaBurms said…
Glad you are back up and going again! You wouldn't be enjoying our hot summer over here in New Zealand. Enjoy your snow
Love Leanne

Thank you for the Christmas Morning photos. And look at the snow, out the window! :-)

-chuckle- Where did she hide the first bone???
luckybunny said…
So glad you are fully operational again! All the kids, human and Teddy look quite happy! :)
Dog Trot Farm said…
Welcome back Joyce. No matter our age we still enjoy our toys! I see Miss Teddy does too. BTW, what's cooking in the kitchen today? Happy New Year to you, Julie.
Nellie said…
I know you are glad to have that computer back home! Teddy is such a cute one!:-)
Tournesol said…
Wonderful pictures! My kids still love stockings and toys too! Got them remote control helicopters so they could play, they're in their 20's too.
Michelle said…
Your Teddy is sweet to try and bury her bones. Our Jack Russell puts hers underneath the bed pillows :)
Barb said…
Glad you are back! Teddy looks so cute. Give him a big hug for me. We lost my sister's darling little Carin Terrier, Nessie, on Christmas Eve.
Happy to see you return.

Teddy is a sweet girl. She had a nice Christmas.

Anonymous said…
Glad you're back! It looks like Teddy enjoyed her Christmas presents. :-)
jody said…
your chrismas decorations are beautiful as are the children and teddy! looks like you have been busy with lots of baking.. i did a bit too and brought some over to the neighbors and sent a bunch home with the kids. i think i have perfected toffee after a few batches... we dont have much snow up north here in mn but its been cold stay at 0 for days now. i made a few of your appitizer recipes over christmas.. enjoy your evening!
Patty Woodland said…
So glad your computer is fixed
As always at your house, Teddy is the star of the show like Mele is here. Although this year Mele was upstaged...big time! :) I kept wanting you to back up..up more..back up so I can see it ALL! :)
Suzanne said…
So glad you are back!
Laura said…
Glad you were able to get your computer fixed. It is amazing how much we miss without them. Teddy is so adorable!
Happy New Year!