The Cottage

 I have been working on The Cottage with The Blog Tech in between cooking for the masses.  My husband left this morning with the car packed from top to bottom with all of the food for the two events.  I usually never run out of energy but last night when I sat down on the sofa, I thought I might need a nap to get the energy to walk upstairs to go to bed. is good to be done with all of that food. Now it is time to concentrate on Christmas baking.

 The Ikea adventure continues.  We bought these cabinets to use as night stands and The Blog Tech assembled them.  The light coming through the window looks like two big candles!

 This is the matching big dresser which he put together too.  The TV will eventually be moved to the entertainment unit in the living room.

 We finally moved a table into the kitchen. The chairs have been moved down too but I forgot to take a pic.

 We moved some old denim furniture into the living room.  It was the only furniture I had that was the right size.  It is comfortable and durable so it is perfect for them.

 I decorated a little tree for them too.

 This is a piece done by one of my favorite artists.  I know, very strange!

 In case you haven't seen these yet, they are great.  These little ovens run on two 40 watt bulbs.  The fire looks very realistic and they are also heaters.  This little unit can heat a 400 square foot room.  Very economical, functional and cute.

 We chose a platform bed so they could have more storage.

 There are six drawers under the bed.

 Now we have to find something to hand on the wall.

 This was originally the dining room but for their purposes we turned it into their bedroom.  The two upstairs rooms are functioning as The Blog Tech's music studio and the other one as a big walk in closet.

 This is the Ikea beast!  I am on my way back to the store to sort out the mess.  This is not assembled yet.  It is just stacked and waiting for the workmen to return. What a nightmare! The workmen want to install it in a way that Ikea insists will not provide enough support and will fall off of the way.  No one is doing anything until I am sure it will be done the correct way.  I am sure I will be there for hours today.

 I Ikea'd the bathroom too.

 This chandelier has to be moved.  The Blog Tech has beaned himself on it several times already.

 I hung the painting yesterday and now we need to get a big mirror for over the mantle.

This is the wall that the entertainment unit will be hung on.  You can see how big the piece is to fill this spot.  More later on how this turns out.  I am off to Ikea!  Woohoo!!!


Patty Woodland said…
I hope you survive IKEA. The place looks great
Wow it looks like you have done so much. I have never walked into an Ikea, time I found one to wander around and see what I am missing out on. Take care Diane
Anonymous said…
IKEA can drive us all mad :-) I hope things will be sorted out today!

I like that painting but as You say, it is a bit strange :-)

I saw that kind of fire places the other day when I was at the super market! I thought it looked cool! I wanted to bring one home but have neither the need for one or the space, my cottage is very small indeed :-)

Have a great day!
I was thinking today, hope it is a good day for his drive/and/delivery. :-)

Love that cottage. Especially love the kitchen. That old ceiling is lovely.

Hope the "day-with-IKEA" will turn out to be smooooooooooooooooth... -chuckle-

If not, I send Courage!!! ,-)
Deb said…
The artist looks familiar. I wish I could place him/her. Strange, yes, but intriguing.
Love the art! Love what you've done with "the place, the home", the bathroom is my favorite. Hope you find a smaller chandelier can be found.....

How wonderful to have a Mom and Dad like you two.

Wishing you the best things, always.
petoskystone said…
Whew! By the time tomorrow is finished, you'll be needing to sleep Saturday away! Has Teddy given her seal of approval to the cottage?
Dee said…
Excellent job! You are so talented. Blog Tech is lucky to have you.
Those chairs look SO comfortable!
The painting reminds me composition wise of Balthus,
I like the gold paint halo like around the one figure,
Darling place!
I think that's the first time I've ever seen a chandelier in a bathroom. Seems a bit grand for the crapper, eh?
Barb said…
I too have had Ikea moments when I helped my daughter with her first place! It's looking good!
Ina in Alaska said…
Love the way the cottage is turning out! I love all the touches you have added. It looks more & more like a home! Thanks for sharing.

Hope all the hard work is behind you now! Relax for a minute.
Ahhhh I said before, the house is a doll house. Just adorable. The painting?? lost me on that one..totally. I kept reminding myself as I enlarged each room.."this is for a guy..this is for a guy..." :)
Tournesol said…
What a great place! Everytime I go to IKEA I swear I'm never going back but I always 21 year old son's room is a testament to IKEA but lots of bad words were said trying to put the pieces together! I have one of those heaters in my room and you're right they are great.
luckybunny said…
Will you come work on my place next?
Raven said…
That house is adorable! He's lucky to have such a beautiful home. Colour me jealous!
M Hst said…
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