45 Quarts of Chicken and Dumplings

I have a new philosophy....if you cook so much that you can't lift it, you have exceeded your limit.  I exceeded my limit yesterday.  This is a 51 quart pot.  You can see that it is enormous on my cook top and this is a big wolf cook top. The red pot to the left is the largest size Le Crueset and it is dwarfed by this monster. I found chicken legs on sale at Aldi's.  A 10# bag was 6.99.  I bought 30 pounds.  What is the best thing you can do with 30 pounds of chicken?  Make Bev's chicken and dumplings (recipe on sidebar).

Very early in the morning I filled the pot with the chicken, butter, stock, bouillon, spices and herbs and salt and pepper.

I recently upgraded to a new food processor and it sure came in handy.  I had my old food processor  for over 10 years and this new one is a drastic improvement.

I added lots of celery to the pot, brought it to a boil and let it simmer for hours until the chicken was falling off the bone.

Then I began picking 30 pounds of chicken which immediately got someone's attention.

She sat like this for over an hour until she realized the "pity poor me" look was not getting her any butter poached chicken.  Butter and puppies is not a good thing.

Picking this much chicken takes a very long time.

I did not leave one bit of fat, sinew or bone. It is an exacting science, haha!

I made a quadruple recipe of dumplings.

And more homemade bread to go with it.

And then I tried to lift the pot.  I could not budge it and I am pretty strong.  It took my husband and I quite and effort to get it to the car.  We think it weighed about 130 pounds.  The guy that came out to help me at the mission laughed when I told him he was going to need help carrying it.  Then he tried to lift it on his own and said, no way!  The line was down the block when I arrived.  I think I made enough to feed about 180 people.  Bev would be so proud!  My next big cooking day will be Sunday.


Margaret said…
That is amazing! How lucky they all are to have you. I'm sure they are truly grateful for your generosity and Bev saw your good work from a good place :)
Patty Woodland said…
I'm sure they went home with full bellies and warm hearts
WOW! That's a lot, lot, lot of soup!!! Wonderful!

The line was down the block when you arrived. If you do this on a schedule, the line will be around the block, on _your_ days. Betcha'!

And making this was just as sweet for you, as for those who will eat it. Because it was Bev's recipe. :-) Hugs....
HappyCrone said…
you bring tears to my eyes! Your generosity is boundless!(and your energy, as well!)
Barb said…
You are such a blessing to many.
Anonymous said…
I am so proud too!
I'm proud too. O and the homemade bread to go with it. And its so healthy and nourishing.
Happy New Yearxxx
luckybunny said…
Bev would be so proud and so am I! That is a lot of chicken and dumplings! I can imagine a lot of happy people ate it too. It's one of my favorite foods. I think if I had to have one last thing, that would be it. I'm so glad you got such a great deal on the chicken, that is a great deal. One giant pot, good thing you had it to fit everything in, but you need a fork lift to help you! :)
Guillaume said…
Looks delicious and hearty.
Nellie said…
What a blessing! You have turned into a "cooking machine!":-)
Barb said…
You are doing an amazing thing!!
Chris said…
This post made me cry. What a blessing to those people.
Don't you love Aldi?
Britt-Arnhild said…
Looks like you can start a B&B :-)
I am so happy to know you! This new year for you began with giving, and giving, and giving. There is so much hunger today, so many in need. To receive homemade food is a treat for anyone.

Girlfriend, chicken and dumplings are my all time favorite.

Blessings to you!
Here I am again. Yes, Bev would be so proud.
Well, you've got me smiling all over the place! FANTASTIC JOB, Joyce! I am pure proud to know ya! :)
Hugs for all you do for others!
Oops! lost my comment. I hope it made it to you...
Dog Trot Farm said…
Joyce, I am just in awe of your generousity, the world is a better place because of you. Thank you. Blessings, Julie.
Janet said…
You are an inspiring person and I am so glad I read your blog.

In Winnipeg where I live the temperatures routinely drop below -25 C in the winter daytime. We have a facebook group that started about amonth ago and they are making chili for the shelters once a month - hoping to go more frequently as they build manpower.

You are doing as much (and more) as these folks on your own. Wow

I am going to sstart helping the Chili folks here and it is all because of you. Now you are helping folks in 2 cities/towns. :-)

Thank you