A Warm Up

Remember how my garden looked just last week?

Here it is this morning and I am not happy!  That is the trunk from my Christmas tree leaning on the potting table.  I am going to use it for something in the lower gardens but I am not sure what yet.

This is my last patch of snow and I am willing to bet if I looked out there now, it is gone too.  It is 66 degrees.
Teddy was not happy to see all of the fog and dew.  Wet feet you know!

I tried everything to get her to look at the camera.

No go....she just sunk her head deeper.  She seriously thinks I control the weather.

I've been cooking for the shelter all day.  Can you guess what I am making?


Britt-Arnhild said…
Big changes :-)
We still have almost no snow, but hard frost. Beautiful, though hard for the garden
Patty Woodland said…
Snowing like crazy here and 10°
It is currently the Not Happy Goat Farm
Anonymous said…
it is hardest on the gardens, they get all confused, but it will get cold again, and this break in the weather has helped me get a lot of extra outside stuff done..but it is over now, the temps are plummeting as I write!! Take care .. celi
Dee said…
Whatever you are making, I am sure it will be delicious and much appreciated.
gloriahanaway said…
You are making corn chowder! Yum!
Anonymous said…
I read that scientists predict even hotter and drier weather over at Yours. Storms will get worse too they say. They didn't say anything about us on the other side of the ocean but my guess is that it will rain even more, as if we didn't have enough with rain as it is.

Teddy is cute as always :-)

have a great day in the hot weather!

Margaret said…
I'm guessing it's corn chowder! As for the weather, we are in a warmspecial here in the 40's but it will be dropping down this coming week THANK GOODNESS. I want cold weather in Winter!
Robin Larkspur said…
I would guess corn chowder? Or is that chicken too? Perhaps more chicken and dumplings?
I saw in the paper that your area was going to be warm (we are 57 degrees)and I knew you would be pissed!! lol
January thaw, what can you do??
We still have plenty of snow! Our neighbor in Maine used his snowblower this a.m. to move some!
"Where are the snows of yesteryear?" as they say. Or, in your case, of yesterweek?
Anonymous said…
corn chowder, and is that more chicken!!!! poor Teddy, such a sad face,
Corn Relish?
I wish you had a video camera so we could see you chopping and cooking!
Guillaume said…
@Debra-Where are the snows of yesteryear is from François Villon's Ballade des dames du temps jadis.

I would sorely miss the snow. Gone like this it is sad.
Barb said…
I skipped reading the other comments to make a guess, corn chowder! YUM! 66 degrees!!! That is just terrible for Jan.!!!!!