Congratulations Mr. President

Happy MLK day!  "I have a dream that my 4 little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." Mr. President, you are his dream come true.

This is Teddy's normal morning routine.  Notice the towels on the floor.  Teddy drags towels all over the place.

Hint mama....I am hungry.
I will give you my imploring "feed me" look.

Waiting for breakfast can be so frustrating.

And boring.

I don't even see anything falling on the floor.

Though I look everywhere.


Hungry puppy here!!!

I will just nap while I am waiting.


It's a great day for the US -- I hope his second term is not burdened by the obstructionism that his first term was. Wishful thinking?

You know, Teddy's "feed me" face looks a lot like the Blog Tech's "feed me" face over on your sidebar? Coincidence? I think not!
I'm very happy about his 2nd term! The sun is shining on him today, let's hope it shines on all Americans for a long time! I'm sure MLK is smiling too!

I hope Teddy got her meal, I wouldn't want her to starve! LOL
Thank you for backing "The Ravens"! My Grandson is a happy camper, now that HIS fav team, will be in the Super (Bro) Bowl. -grin-
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad he'll stay four more years :-)

Teddy is soo cute waiting for her breakfast :-) Here I have four doggs running around like crazy and two of them talks constantly, I wish they too could take a nap while waiting :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Jennifer said…
I just love our president, and his lovely wife and daughters too. It's a good day for our country! :)
Patty Woodland said…
Would Teddy take a finger if you didn't feed her fast enough?

Congratulatons America, what a beautiful inauguration ceremony!
This is a year filled with hope.

Teddy is so cute.
Guillaume said…
Congratulations! I envy the US because of the leader they chose, an intelligent, articulated and modern one. And America could have gone sooooo backward had Mitt Romney been elected.
Ellen in Oregon said…
Teddys' "sad" look is so perfect. She must practice a lot. I alaways wonder how much of Teddy is fur & how much is solid? I guess that is a lady's secret.
Todays inauguration is a great opportunity for every American to put differences aside & come together as a Nation to wish our Presidnt success. My hope for President Obama is that he begins receives the cooperation & resepct he deserves so this Nation can move forward in civility.
Amy said…
Happy MLK day to you too. ;) Teddy is so adorable. I can spend all day with Teddy without getting bored for sure. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.
Nellie said…
Watched every bit of television coverage we could!

Poor Teddy!:-) Why doesn't somebody feed her?:-)
The first President I remember is Roosevelt. There have been many since then..
I think this is the greatest President we have ever had. I admired President Kennedy and thought him a good President..but President Obama is a GREAT man!

I've been shy about voicing opinions on anything was a GREAT day! I got up at six thirty and waited. I didn't want to miss one moment! Thank you for honoring him, Joyce!
P.S. I had to giggle at Teddy...too cute!
Marina Pérez said…
I like your President, I think is a good person and a great politician, I know it is difficult to understand a country when you live in another one with a different culture but I think your president is working for you and this is very important

Marina from Spain
I'm not sure that Mr. Obama is quite the exemplar of pacifism and Socialism that the reverend Dr. King envisioned.

But, thank you for remembering the day! It's important.
crazymimi said…
What Planet do all of you live on!! You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!