Ford Field Fire Eggs

 Well, here I am still peeling hard boiled eggs.  Not really, it just seems that way. It really was not that bad of a task.  I made the shelter Ford Field Fire Eggs.  These are a tradition in Detroit and are served at all of the tailgater's booths.  You cut up a bit of celery, carrots, onions and hot peppers.  Add them to a jar with a bunch of hard boiled eggs.  Pour in a bottle of Frank's Redhot, another bottle of your favorite hot sauce and cover this all with white vinegar.  Wait at least a week before serving.  The shelter shows the superbowl for all of the guys so they can eat these while they watch the game.  One thing I have learned is they like hot spicy food.  The shelter can never have enough hot sauce.  The food they are usually served is very bland so they put hot sauce on everything.

Some of you have asked me how I get this food to the shelter.  I have one huge 52 quart pot and that is usually full.  My husband and I struggle to get it down the stairs and out to the car.  It is really heavy! Once I reach the shelter, all the guys come running to help.  Some of you asked how long I will do this.  I really have no idea.  Right now I am taking food there 2-3 days a week.  As soon as gardening season arrives, this will come to an abrupt halt.  I am determined to have huge gardens this year after skipping the last few years due to the stink bug infestation.  They seem to have run their course so this year I will return to gardening in a big way. I am hoping I can grow enough to make very healthy nutritious dishes for the shelter.  So, we shall see how it all turns out.

Meanwhile, Teddy seems totally perplexed by this weather. As am I!

She does still have lots of interest in her treats

Total focus on them.

It's hard to give her a treat and take a photo at the same time but in this pic you can actually see her shaking her left paw. The paw is about 1/4 inch off the ground.  That is major paw shaking for a chow chow!


Patty Woodland said…
And I thought it was egg salad :p
Robin Larkspur said…
That is a job getting that big pot to the shelter...more power to you. I am not sure about these eggs myself, but I bet anyone who loves HEAT will love 'em!
Sandy said…
I've never heard of eggs this way. Is this a football game treat?
MandaBurms said…
mmm me too never heard of eggs that way either. I'm sure the guys will LOVE them
Love Leanne
I can just imagine how grateful the shelter is for having good food to serve.

Snacks for the super bowl is awesome.

Sending out good energy for your garden this year. I can hardly wait! ;-}

Teddy is as adorable as ever.

Happy Day to you.
Looks a bit like the Soleier they serve in Berlin (eggs cured in brine) but I bet these are much tastier.
Anonymous said…
wowsa! Those are some mighty powerful eggs! I bet they are really good, thats a great thing to make fr the guys at the shelter and gals, I bet they wouldn't get them there normally.I hope the best gardening season ever for you this year, I don't seem to ever lose interest in my treats either, Good for teddy, shaking a paw is probably beneath this regal dog, lol, we should probably bow , lol,have a great day Joyce, wait til my husband hears about these eggs, he makes pickled eggs all the time but never like this, these are new to us!
I though it was going to be egg salad! I'll bet the guys at the shelter will love that "manly" snack!!!

I had a chuckle over Teddy's paw shaking! Duke is insane when it comes to shaking paws & high 5's! Aren't they just fun to have around! Love the focus on the treat too!
Fire eggs! Holy moly! First I've heard of such a thing.
Guillaume said…
Interesting idea, fiery pickled eggs. I had some chilli flavoured ones and curry flavoured eggs, which were maybe my favourite pickled eggs ever (I had them in a nearby pub). Now I need to try this one.
Barb said…
I'm sure those shelter guys are so grateful to have your tasty food. Teddy is so photogenic!!
Nellie said…
i've never heard of these eggs before, but I'm sure the men will enjoy them Sunday night!
Amazing Jaz, so good of you, I bet you are the favorite in the Shelter, lucky them :) will try your eggs, so intestesting :) ozlem x
Ina in Alaska said…
OMG Joyce I want to make these eggs!!! I hate to be a bother but could I trouble you to email me a recipe for my use (it would only be me and my husband) At your convenience of course! I just love hard boiled eggs and to have them in a hot sauce would be fantastic!!!!!! Also I suppose they must be refrigerated as well. You are making so many at the shelter very happy. They will be sad when it is time for you to garden.

Thank you so much in advance Joyce!!! Hugs, Ina
Ina in Alaska said…
Found the recipe via Google!
Thank you for answering my questions, without my even having to ask. :-)))

But watch your backs, with hauling that awfully heavy pot!!!

Oh another question! You take the food there, in that heavy pot. How, when do you get it back, to refill it, another day? Or do you have 2?
Like Auntie, I have wondered about some of the things you told us. But in the meantime..the people at the shelter must think they have died and gone to heaven with all that fantastic food you give them.
Just makes me smile all over the place!
It's the clean up that I hate about cooking..does someone help you? (Lordy, I hope so!!)
P.S. Those eggs sound delicious and I love spicy food. Just not supposed to eat it anymore. You know how it is with "old folk" and my sweet doctor has put his foot down! Still... :):)
Our family used to have what they called "Chili off's" and the guys would see who could get a HOT Mexican chili down...not a pretty sight. I've eaten them with bread but if you even touch your face with one it will burn forever..and water just makes it worse. Milk helps a bit.. is good!
luckybunny said…
I LOVE IT! I have to try this - so awesome. Kevin wouldn't be able to deal, but I'd love it. Teddy is adorable. And I agree, garden has to take priority when it's time for it.