It's a Tuesday Teddy Day

I thought it was time to have a Teddy day! She feels that she gets far too little time on the blog.

Somehow these photos got reversed but this is Teddy chewing on one of her favorite snacks.....

A lobster leg.

And please don't tell her she has cankles...she thinks her ankles are very slim!

This is a Teddy smile.

And these are radar ears....they hear everything.

This is a snowy "time for a treat" face.  Click for a closeup.

Teddy loves 'her boy'.

He has to drop for black tongue kisses whenever he walks in the door.

Boys taste good.


Patty Woodland said…
As long as he doesn't nibble on "the boy" then all is well.

Teddy is a cute puff ball
she is a darling - I love her "treat" face, don't know how you can withstand it :-)
Suzanne said…
Gotta love Teddy face!
I've been waiting for my Teddy Fix. Thank you.

Love her kisses for The Boy.
Anonymous said…
Teddy is soo cute! Looks like a cuddly lion even if I know she only cuddles with a few chosen ones :-)

I've never tried lobster with any of my dogs but they all lve schrimps :-)

Have a great day!
~Melissa~ said…
Teddy is adorable!
They're the cutest little cankles!
Guillaume said…
Oh sweet! Those pics brighten my day!
10NISNE1 said…
Teddy, you are beyond adorable! You need sturdy ankles to hold up that much fluffy cuteness! ;)
Nellie said…
What a cute face!
Anonymous said…
that black tongue throws me every time, amazing! Teddy is such a beautiful dog, so soft and gentle in all appearances , hard to believe they can be so ferocious!
Teddy is soooooooooooooo cute...

And oh wow, you even have snow flakes falling on here! Wow!!!!!!! :-)
Is Teddy really ferocious?
Not with her boy anyway!
So much personality.
Dog Trot Farm said…
Teddy is just precious, Julie.
Cheryl said…
Teddy was looking up and the snowflakes were falling down on him. Perfect!
Rue said…
She is the queen, for sure! I thought her favourite snack was lobster!
John'aLee said…
And you make us fall right back in love again...
luckybunny said…
Helloooo Teddy! I loved all these pictures of your cute self!
Teddy is so cute. Love the treat face. :)