Perfect Eggs

This is my new favorite way to make eggs.  Bring a pot of water to a boil with 1 tablespoon of white vinegar. Place your eggs in the boiling water and boil the eggs for 6 minutes.  If they are jumbo eggs, boil them for 8 minutes.  Remove them and place them in  a bowl of cold water.  When they are cool enough to touch, peel them and serve them over garlic toasts with some cracked black pepper and sea salt.

I added some smoked salmon too.  The white is firm but the yolk remains runny.

I am cooking for the shelter today.  It is going below zero tonight and I am very worried about the street people.

I also made sure that Teddy got  a good meal.  She insists on licking her cutting board before she eats her meal!

Someone got snowed on this morning.

And she was not happy!  We might have a big storm coming this weekend!  One can only hope.


Genny said…
One of my favorite ways to eat eggs!
Anonymous said…
I do hope You'll get the snow that I know You want so much, I wish I could sned You ours :-) :-) :-)

0E, that's awfully cold! I hope everyone can find a place to sleep on nights like that!

My mother that can't cook if so her life depended on it can boil perfect eggs though :-) :-) :-) The white is always firm and the yolk runny, I have some problems with that when using my fire heated stove, thay can be very different from time to time :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
It's been dangerously cold here as well. I'm sure your warm meals will be appreciated even more. Hope you all stay safe and warm.
Anonymous said…
that is a lovely way to cook eggs, I hope it doesn't get too cold tonight for your shelter people. Teddy would never go outside if she was here!!We are buried in snow and the temps minus 40 wind chill
Guillaume said…
Funny, I was thinking about making at some point eggs and smoked salmon. Yum.
Joy said…
Those eggs look delicious! Sometimes we'll poach them out of the shell and place on top a bowl of homemade ramen-like soup here. :-) Sunny and in the 50s here today and tomorrow.
Cheryl said…
It's actually cold here in Maryland, first time its been below 20F in two years.
Nothing like a perfectly cooked soft boiled egg in a xold morning!
Robin Larkspur said…
Those are the perfect eggs!!
Patty Woodland said…
My mother always made me the best soft boiled eggs....
LUCK, with the coming weather pattern!!!!!! -chuckle-

Here we had a day of snow showers (Mon.), and it left us with sparkly beauty, today.


Yes, all humans and animals not used to such, are in for a hard week.

Nellie said…
Eggs are eaten by my husband every morning. This sounds like another option for him.

Someone in our town began handing out blankets one time when the temps were going to be so cold,, and a new avenue of help for the help for the homeless was opened.

Barb said…
I will wish snow for you! Some nights when it is windy and raining and I crawl into my nice warm cozy bed, I think of the many homeless you see each time we go to Seattle.
Dog Trot Farm said…
Good evening Joyce, you are doing such a wonderful service for those in need. My hens are working overtime in the egg production department, I wish I could share them with you I know you would put them to good use...greetings from Maine, Julie.
We're going to have a snow storm tomorrow. If there's any snow left over, I'll send it your way!
I love the way you poach the eggs, one of my favorite ways too - sometimes I sprinkle a little cumin and salt on the yolk and dunk my bread on it, yummy:) I will make your eggs for lunch today, thanks for the inspiration!:) x Ozlem
We had those eggs for breakfast this morning and they were DELICIOUS!
You know..I am so proud to know you. You give back to your community, share what you have and I think that is just darned nice and you are doing it by doing something you love to do! Cook!
There has to be some real misery out there right now with the weather like it is.
You can't heal the ills of the world but if everyone did something, it would help.
Just reading this makes me feel better about life and it's ills.
There are good folks out there trying and you are one of them.

Just had to say that. :)
The Jammie Girl said…
Making these for brunch today :)
luckybunny said…
That's adorable about Teddy licking the cutting board before eating!! So freaking cute. Eggs look perfect, especially with the smoked salmon... one of my all time favorite combos.