Some Days It Is Tough To Get Moving

This is a good cole slaw recipe that you might want to save for summer.  I like to make all kinds of slaws and this one calls for grated cabbage rather than shredded.
You can find the recipe here:

I used 3 heads of cabbage to make 6 quarts so 1 head should give you 2 quarts. The recipe is appropriate for 1 head.  This is going to the shelter today with a new soup.
Most mornings Teddy charges downstairs and flies out the back door to check out the back gardens.  However, with this crazy weather she is much more cautious.  She is not happy with the temps dropping almost 45 degrees in less than 24 hours.

Come on puppy....let's go look out back!

Come on Teddy, there could be bad kitties out there!

Bad kitties you say?  Hmmmm...let me think about this.

Nah....I don't think bad kitties are out in this weather.

I think I might just take another quick nap.


I'm not sure what Teddy's origins are, but with that amazing coat, she looks like she could take some serious cold weather. It must be that sudden drop in temps and she isn't acclimated to it yet. Very severe drop! Wonder if a fiery egg would warm her Up? )))
Be careful of you back now Joyce, and I love your plans for a garden.
Laurie said…
you truly amaze me, thats a whole lot coleslaw, poor Teddy,
greekwitch said…
I completely understand her. I hate the cold too. Unlike you i love the summer(even in Athens!), the hot temps, the scolding Sun..i miss it terribly!
Wean said…
Hi from UK, I've just found your blog, oh my I have some serious reading to do !
Patty Woodland said…
Tell me about it. We had more snow and now it is warming up again. Poor goats! They grow fur, they shed fur, they grow fur, they shed fur. OY!
Robin Larkspur said…
Some days I feel like Teddy too!
I know that slaw will be a hit!
There's no fooling Teddy!
I thought Teddy would love cold weather since she has that thick fur. I wish my dogs at least sometimes just would go back to sleep for a while instead of insisting to go out :-)

Have a great day!
luckybunny said…
I know Teddy, it's crazy. Love the recipe, I'll be saving it.
Nellie said…
Teddy isn't the only one who is puzzled by the weather.:-) We have had over 12 inches of rain in January, the wettest January on record, we hear!
Ina in Alaska said…
Cole slaw is very refreshing!

Teddy is such a pretty girl! I don't blame her. Cold, warm, wet, dry..... no routine in weather this winter!!!
Joyce..I hope I commented on this post..?? I read it then hopped to another of your recipes and cannot remember if I came back and commented. Don't print this as I don't want anyone but you to know I am losing my short term memory! :)