Weird Weather

Our weather has been all over the place.  From deadly frigid to early summer in 2 days.  This is what it looked like as the sun came up this morning.  Fog and more fog and damp and humid.

 Teddy was not thrilled with the wet conditions.

She immediately found her dry spot under the umbrella.
Had a big yawn.
And took a quick nap.
Guess what I made this morning?  Peeling 100 eggs is not much fun!


Anonymous said…
That's how our weather has been. Thundershowers last night and snow by this evening and a high of 22 tomorrow and only 12 on Thursday. It's crazy.
Sandy said…

I just found your blog while reading a post from Two Men and a Little Farm. You mentioned picking up a ceramic egg holder for a very reasonable price. I've been trying to find one or even two at a decent price and have had no luck, where did you find yours at that great price?
Patty Woodland said…
No peeling that many eggs is no fun at all!
I'm sure they will love the egg salad though
Anonymous said…
well, I'm not sure about the eggs, it can't be pickled eggs, maybe egg salad sandwiches for the shelter, but I never heard of chilis in them, are they pickled eggs? Teddy looks quite bored with it all, but always so regal looking, what a dog!
Peeling 100 eggs, wow, no thank you, I don't get that job anymore, my sights too poor and know one wants shell in their eggs, yuk!
Humid. And you peeled 100 eggs!

The silly weather is coming to us too. Luckily, we didn't get all that much ice, though.

How many days a week, are you feeding the homeless, if I may ask?

I do not like to peel eggs. I get himself to peel the eggs.

Weird weather is everywhere. Here in Florida of course there is no snow. But we do expect a cooling off in the winter. Not happening so far this year and spring is almost here.

We have had a few cool days and nights in the 39 - 52 range. Then the heat returns, 90 degrees yesterday. Rain is coming so there will be a few cool days.

Here we go, when I was a child born and raised in Florida, we had 19 and 20 degrees days. We had a cold winter.

100 boiled eggs. Hmmmmmm. Deviled eggs, egg salad, more potato salad???? ;-}
greekwitch said…
I can not believe you peeled 100 eggs. I get crazy at two. Most of the times i have to peel 3 one for me two for hubby and by the third i want to punch someone.
Robin Larkspur said…
Teddy, rainy cloudy weather makes me yawn too! Same freaky weather here in yesterday, 60 degrees tomorrow.
I think the most eggs I have ever peeled was 2 dozen at Easter when my kids were little.
John'aLee said…
Oh girl...100 eggs?? I cannot imagine! And....still in love with your dog!
Guillaume said…
It is wet here too.
gloriahanaway said…
I read you can add salt to the water and it makes the eggs easier to peel. Let me know if it works! The peelings and water the eggs were boiled it (cooled) makes good fertilizer for plants. I use it to fertilize rose bushes and they haven't complained yet! I can't imagine what you are making with the eggs and peppers!
You needed to have & egg peeling party! Yikes, that's a lot of eggs! We had snow yesterday . . . 50's tomorrow! Insane weather!
Nellie said…
You've got that right! Peeling that man!y eggs is quite time-consuming, and it isn't all that much fun! What a blessing you are to those less fortunate!
Anonymous said…
Those pictures are great!

Teddy looks like such a wonderful part of your family, and I must add very lovable as well!

Oh, and those kind of peppers are my favorite!
I bet you never want to see a hard boiled egg again, amirite?
luckybunny said…
I'm with you Teddy - not thrilled about these conditions! This weather is nutso. I bet peeling 100 eggs isn't too much fun - I peeled four today and I was over it! You are amazing!
Yes, wierd weather on the east coast and across the country. Tornado warning in Georgia..where half of my family is at this moment visiting their sister. I called..tons of rain but so far so good.
What a CHANGE overnight. hard to believe! Mele is like that about the rain..zooms out to pee and right back in the's cool here, mostly in the 50's and today was warm for a bit than quickly began to cool down.
I hope you are not under a tornado threat too..but..WHAT a change.
Teddy's yarn killed me..toooo cute!

Were I near I would have helped peel bet! Whatta gal!! :):)