A Busy Day

 Hi everyone.  Sorry but my mama has no post today.  She and The Blog Tech/Thumb Sub are very busy cooking for the shelter.  They promised the shelter a big meal for lunch tomorrow and have to deliver it by 10:30 am.  So most of the work has to be done today.

So don't be sad.  She will be back tomorrow and will show you everything they made.  Her post won't be up until tomorrow afternoon when she returns.


Teddy is soo cute when looking sad like that :-)

Have a great day!
littlemancat said…
Always sweet to hear from you Teddy!
Thanks for the update.
MandaBurms said…
Teddy you are just too cute. I wonder if you get tit bits while all the cooking gets done.

Love Leanne
Thanks for keeping us up to speed, Teddy! I hope lots of tidbits fall on the floor for you during the cooking process.
Patty Woodland said…
Your mama is an amazing woman
Nellie said…
I know Mom is VERY busy! You are a real cutie, Teddy.
Laurie Mcknight said…
thanks for the update beautiful Teddy!
we miss you, but we understand. you are doing a good thing.
Guillaume said…
Teddy is so cute it's difficult to be sad.
Dee said…
Thanks Teddy for the info. Your mama is a saint to do all this for the homeless.
Dog Trot Farm said…
Teddy, keep the home fires burning. I must say you are quite the regal lady. Will pop back in tomorrow, blessings, Julie.
Barb said…
Thanks for the update, Teddy!
What a wonderful thing for your mama to do. Glad I got to see you Teddy. You are too sweet telling us about your mama and the Blog Tech.
Deb said…

Your momma deserves a nice break!
We'll look forward to her coooking extravaganza post tomorrow.
Fantastic photos of Teddy. Keep up the good work, you must be very busy at the shelter. Take care Diane
Teddy photos are sooooo cute!!!