A Soggy Day

 Teddy is not happy.  We left early this morning to head to Amish country but the mission was aborted when I saw the temps dropping and the rain began to fall.  It is always about 5 degrees colder there and I did not want to run into ice. So, no 'big puppy' sitings for Teddy this morning.  She did get burgers to bring home which she quickly polished off.  You can see the empty bowl.

 Not a puppy friendly day out there today.  Though it is about 35 degrees, it is damp and the kind of day that chills you to the bone.

 Teddy will spend her day laying by the door looking out.

 And watching all of our snow melt.  I hope those of you that are getting the big storm that missed us are staying safe.

I got this whole box full of fresh veggies this morning for a little over 10.00 and am going to figure out what to turn them into for the shelter.


Peggy Lineberry said…
Just warms my heart each time I see what you have cooked for the shelter. Health Dept. codes in NC won't let us cook and deliver food to shelters so hubby found a camp of homeless men about 3 miles from us that we take firewood, hot food and drinks to a couple times a week. Would love to do it more as I have plenty I have frozen and canned to cook but like you time is the big factor. With new puppies in the house and goats ready to kid in the barn I don't want to venture too often. Thank you for giving me the push to share food.
Sorry for the *Soggy*. ,-)

But very Wise, to return home, before getting "zapped" by/on ice.

Mmmmm, those veggies look good, in the box. I'm sure you'll do something delicious, for the shelter.

(still just watching snow fall...)
Great buy on the veggies! I don't think any of us can wait to see what you make! I was wondering if you got the storm. My husbands brother and all of my husbands family in Portland Maine got hit head on. We haven't heard from them yet. We are somewhat concerned about our home in Bucks Harbor as it is now empty. Not a good thing at this time of year.

I'm glad you are all home safe and sound! Teddy has such a tough life, doesn't she? Been going through my beautiful scrapping things you sent as this is such a great time to do it. It's rainy and cold out today and the fireplace is blazing away and the table is covered with all those wonderful things you sent to me. I've used a bit but still have lots!
Thank you again! AND again! I wouldn't even have tried it had it not been for your generosity!
Margaret said…
No matter the weather, Teddy always looks so groomed and fluffy! We had a samoyed doggy many years ago and he loved the soggy weather. He begged me to be out in the rain. I can understand he liked the cold but the rain? Anyway, I will be waiting to see your recipe for all those great veggies! Maybe you can get to Amish country over the weekend. Maggie
What a great box of veggies. How about a nice vegetable pot pie. Of course I love anything with a crust. Happy that you missed this whopper of a storm!
Anonymous said…
Good decision to stay home, I can imagine how the roads would bve with rain and that low temperature. We got some snow over here again and tomorrow we'll get some more. I rather see You have it than I :-)

Nice vegetables and cheap as well, a good combination :-)

Have a great day!
Robin Larkspur said…
I guess you can't complain about a cold, dreary rainy day, sounds like your kind of weather. We are not in the path of the blizzard, but are getting hit with major lake-effect snow (from Lake Ontario).
I am trying to think if you will do a soup or a stew with those veggies.
Too bad for teddy missing the big puppies out in the country. But she got to eat some of them, anyway!
Patty Woodland said…
I'm sure you'll make something yummy
Better safe... You did the right thing by snorting your trip! That's a great box of veggies! I'm with Susan, veggie pot pie!

Epic storm has begun! Ugh!!!
Teddy lives like a princess. ;-}

Very good price on the veggies. YumYum.

Have a tremendous weekend.
Barb said…
Looks like a very nasty say! I hate the cold rain. Our rain is usually very temperAte and not bad at all. All those veggies! You'll think of something good!
I see vegetable soup in your future!