Another Teddy Day

 Teddy is having another one of those days.  She can't decide what to do.

 She looks at me as if to ask what the weather will be.  Chows are supposed to love cold weather and snow.  But the older she gets, the fussier she gets.

 She has become a temperate climate puppy.

 She would rather hang by the stove top while I cook, waiting for something to drop.

 Her patience is endless.

 And the 'pity poor me' looks are constant.

As soon as I shut down the kitchen she heads back outside into the elements!


Patty Woodland said…
For some reason I cannot stir up much pity for Teddy. I am thinking she has it pretty good
Robin Larkspur said…
Teddy is like me; the older i get the more I dislike cold and snow.
Awwww, that's cute. Shut down the kitchen, and it's outside time again. :-)))))))))))))))))))
She'd not be out here, though! It's been snowing for quite a while now. Thought it was just flurries but... It's a LONG flurry, if it is. ,-)
Old 'n fussy -- me too, Teddy. Me too.
Anonymous said…
Poor Teddy :-) But I agree with her, the older I get the more I dislike winter :-)

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
poor Teddy, not treats today?
Dog Trot Farm said…
Miss Teddy is one intelligent pup! Snow is on it's way... throw another log on the fire. Warm regards, Julie.
luckybunny said…
As we age we all get more fussy and don't handle discomfort as well don't we? :) That is a pretty sad poor me look - she's got that down pat!
Margaret said…
I think Teddy is very smart--If I lived in your house (whether or not I was a dog or a human) I would choose to hang out near your cook top too! You make great food! She's not confused as to what to do--she's VERY SMART :) SHe says COLD WEATHER or FOOD? FOOD!

Love, Maggie
Ann said…
our chow is a real "woos" when it comes to cold or rain..he hates both..and will tippy-toe if he has to go out in cold or wet weather! he does not care to be outside anymore than is necessary!
Teddy can spell all of the good food.

Hope this is a good weekend.
Barb said…
That dogs face is so descriptive! what a doll!
Even though our doggies are different breeds, Teddy reminds me of Mele so much. The looks, hanging out in the kitchen. We all get such a kick out of her.
The personalities are similar with the pathetic stares. Mele talks to me..very, very softly..barely audible..then leads me to where she wants me to go, looking back over her shoulder.
I think Teddy does something similar.. GOTTA love her!
Ina in Alaska said…
She is as hopeful as my Toby in the kitchen, always underfoot. I have to watch my feet - sometimes he gets lucky as I am sure Teddy does!