Belated Valentine's Present and Breakfast

 My go to breakfast seems to always be a version of a Turkish breakfast these days.  I've been so busy cooking for the shelter that I have been neglecting the fam so I whipped this up for the guys yesterday.

 A type of sucuk sausage with cheese.

 A salad of cucumbers, oven roasted tomatoes, olives, green onions, celery, parsley and dressed with oil and vinegar.

 I made some simit too.  My family loves simit.

I poached some eggs.

And finished them off in a butter, paprika and sumac sauce.  It is so good to dip simit in these eggs.
Here is a new ring my family bought for me.  Sorry it is so blurry, here is a link to a better pic.  My daughter searched high and low for this ring. She showed it to my husband and The Blog Tech and they all agreed it was perfect for me. It is made out of oxidized silver with gold on lays, black diamonds and clear diamonds. It has a turquoise stone covered by a faceted quartz dome which reflects light and looks like a pool of liquid. The band is covered with gold and diamond on lays.
I thought the band was too flimsy looking for the size of the top of the ring so I mixed it with some of my black gold and yellow gold stacking rings.  Thanks did good!!!



Love the whole ring, but especially the idea of its top, resembling a pool of liquid.

Mmmmmmmm.... Yes.............

So you still have power, even with the Ice Storm. Goood!

Stay warm and safe!
Dog Trot Farm said…
What a very lovely and thoughtful gift. The new ring goes well with the color of your nail polish. Do you wear your rings while cooking for the shelter? What an interesting breakfast. This is why I enjoy reading your blog, you put together such incredible meals, some of which I have never heard of...It is snowing in Maine!!!
Unknown said…
I must admit my ignorance to Turkish foods. But now that I've seen so many yummy dishes on your blog, I simply must try some! Thank you for broadening my horizons! :)
Anonymous said…
The breakfast looks so delicious and the ring, ahhhh the ring is soooo gorgeous !!
Have a great day.
Just LOVE that ring!
Love Leanne
brokenteepee said…
It's lovely and unique. I'm sure it will become an heirloom.

Anonymous said…
Nice food! I would like to have something like that right now!

I love the color of thet bif turquoise! Even in a photograph it looks like You say!

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
what a beautiful meal, the ring is perfect for you, just perfect!I love that it was a joint effort, they know you well,
greekwitch said…
Yumm! That's a breakfast? What a dinner looks like?
The ring is amazingly beautiful and enchanting! The magical properties with the diaqmonds, the quartz, the turquoise, the gold and the silver are endless!
Rue said…
That ring is gorgeous! Well done, family!
John'aLee said…
The ring is gorgeous! So different! And that breakfast looks to die for. You have one lucky family!
Nellie said…
Lovely ring! Yes, the family "did good!"
Carl Belken said…
Your breakfast looks quite inviting; am going to give your method of pooching eggs a try, soon.

Your are one well loved lady. That your family chose such a lovely ring, says a lot about all of you...and if anyone more than deserved it, t'would be you!

Barb said…
Wow! Such a beautiful ring! Good job to your family!
Beautiful ring! It's very YOU.
luckybunny said…
Everything looks amazing, I'm drooling. And your ring is absolutely gorgeous!! It just seems like it must suit you to a t too. Love it! They did do a good job :)